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New Balance Running Shoes
New Balance Shoes Are Built to Take You Far

Internationally renowned, New Balance running shoes are known as one of the most reliable brands of shoes around.

The fast growth of the New Balance shoes is testament to the fact that the brand is one of the most trusted and most preferred brands when it comes to sports gear.

Starting out small in Boston, the company eventually went on to conquer more than 120 countries around the globe, and with each expansion, more and more runners become loyal to the brand.

Their products now reach the UK , France, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa, among many others. Also, when the company initially started, their products mainly focused on providing arch support.

*But as the company grew larger, they started incorporating their previous arch support technology into athletic footgear and their shoes became more and more specialized for a wider range of footgear needs. And to meet the various needs of the consumers, a horde of New Balance running shoes is now available as well as shoes marketed under different brand names such as Dunham, Warrior, Brine, Aravon, to name some.

.And now, running shoes from New Balance running are well-loved for their great fit and exceptional performance.

New Balance running shoes are often described as reliable, trustworthy, durable, and long lasting, kind of like the New Balance brand itself. For years, New Balance has been the top manufacturer of running shoes. Despite the flashy fuss included in a lot of running shoes from other brands, New Balance running shoes feature only the most basic but also the most important running shoe technologies around.

If you need a shoe that you can really rely on for your regular runs, you don’t need just any shoe. You need a New Balance shoe. For example all of these features, you find in the that has had huge success lately.

Below are our top 3 New Balance shoes in the neutral, cushioning and motion control categories respectively.

Best Neutral New Balance Running Shoes

1) New Balance 1063
  • The New Balance 1063 is a premier offer for runners looking for good cushioning in a running shoe, but the construction of the shoe is built with the neutral runner in mind.
  • The 1063 features the special ABZORB cushioning technology, a new last, and a special midfoot fit that offers great flexibility and comfort without affecting any performance factors at all.


2) New Balance 883

  • The New Balance 883 is a reliable neutral running shoe with a straight last. It is an ideal choice for runners with full volume feet. Orthotics-oriented and highly stable, it is a favorite among runners. It has an ABZORB FL midsole, a dual density collar foam, and an Ndurance rubber outsole.
  • All in all, this is the neutral running shoe that provides you with the right amount of everything you need during your run.

3) New Balance 758

  • The number three choice is the New Balance 758 which is a lightweight neutral shoe with excellent cushioning and just the right support.
  • It features an N-ergy heel, an ACTEVA Lite midsole, and an ABZORB forefoot technology that provides excellent cushioning at all the important areas of the feet that receives much impact.
  • Aside from that, it has a Stability Web feature and an N-Lock system to offer support and stability.


Best Cushioning/Stability New Balance Running Shoes


1) New Balance WR1226

The New Balance 1225 is packed full of all the technologies you will think of looking for in a running shoe. Lightweight cushioning, a breathable upper, collar and tongue padding, protective insole, and a durable outsole – all of these are offered by the New Balance 1225. The three top technologies incorporated into the shoe includes the N-Ergy cushioning system, the ABZORB cushioning technology, and the NDurance outsole for traction and durability.


2) New Balance 859

The New Balance 859 has all the important traditional features of a great cushioning and stability shoe. It has the ACTEVA midsole material for a lightweight and high-quality foam cushioning, the ABZORB SBS heel cushioning, and blown rubber outsole for added cushioning and durability. For a bit of support, it relies on the Extended Web technology. To keep you comfortable, the shoe has a Lightning Dry lining.


3) New Balance 904

The New Balance 904 offers the ultimate combination of four top New Balance running shoe features: the ABZORB cushioning technology for the heel and the forefoot, the ACTEVA Ultra Lite midsole cushioning, the Stability Web for a smooth foot transition, and the highly durable performance-oriented outsole.


Best Motion Control New Balance Running Shoes


1) New Balance 1123

The top motion control in the entire New Balance collection, the 1123 is one of the best New Balance running shoes around. Its top features include the ABZORB FL cushioning in the midsole for top-of-the-line shock protection, a special rollbar for motion control, and an ABZORB SBS for the heel and forefoot impact areas. It also features an N-Lock system plus an n-Durance crash pad.


2) New Balance 1011

Highly durable and built for frequent use, the New Balance is the answer to the needs of every extreme overpronator. Using a special Rollbar GR system for maximum pronation control, the New Balance 1011 is considered as a top notch motion control shoe. Other features include an extended N-Lock upper and a special TPU stability medial post. The Ortholite insert then provides the extra benefit of  dry and comfortable feeling while you run.


3) New Balance MR1224

Designed for the mild overpronator, the New Balance 1224 offers one of the smoothest rides you can get from a motion control shoe. It has the usual New Balance package: ABZORB cushioning, Ortholite midsole, N-Durance outsole, and the reputation of the New Balance name. Offering good stability, this shoe can help enhance your performance and keep you on your feet.

A Myriad of Possibilities from New Balance Running Shoes

The secret recipe to New Balance's success and the fame that their running shoes have achieved is their continuous quest to improve their technology and the way they manufacture the shoes.

This mission is clearly embodied in the large facilities they have in the United States alone.

new balance running shoesNow, using this secret recipe, in their large and advanced manufacturing facilities, New Balance churns out so many different types of running shoes that runners will go wild just trying to find their perfect pair.

They are split into categories based on :

  • Mens and womens New Balance
  • Foot, pronation control
  • New Balance running shoes technology

To help point consumers to their perfect shoe, New Balance has a way of classifying the shoes that they sell. To make it easy for you to find your shoe, New Balance uses three different criteria to classify their products.

First, they break down their products into gender classifications, as shoes built for men and for women.

Next, they classify the shoes according to the type you need based on your running and foot style.

So when choosing a New Balance shoe, you have to consider whether you require a cushioning shoe if you are underpronator, a lightweight shoe that will take you fast during your race, a stability shoe that will guide your feet and keep it steady while you run, or a motion control shoe to correct overpronation.

Name it and New Balance has it.

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And finally, you can choose which New Balance running shoe to buy by choosing which technologies you think would be helpful to you.

Reaching New Distances with New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance running shoes are built with much endurance that you know you can count on them. They also have the trusty New Balance brand on them, which means that they are indeed trustworthy. But the best things about these shoes are the technologies that went into their production.

New Balance incorporates various technologies into their shoes to help them do what they were created to do. First, there's the Abzorb technology, which refers to foam cushions innovatively designed to hug the feet for a perfect fit.

These foam cushions also provide ample shock attenuation to make sure your feet are protected. New Balance also uses Acteva Lite, a proprietary technology that provides durable midsole foam to the shoe that also does not put on weight, so you can ride fast and free. Another cool technology that New Balance running shoes are equipped with is the Biocool, which ensures that all the shoes from New Balance are breathable, comfortable, and moisture-resistant.

They also have the NB Zip, which refers to a cushioning technology that still provides a high level of responsiveness, the nLock, which is a lacing and webbing system designed to provide a tight fit, and the TS2, which allows your shoe to gently roll from heel strike to toe off even on rough surfaces.

New Balance running shoes can be traced back to the early part of the 20th century. The American-based brand was started by an English immigrant. The first New Balance shoes were created to correct the problems of runners faced with overpronation and underpronation concerns. Up until now, New Balance has brought that reputation to the fore of its running shoe manufacturing efforts.

These are just some of the technologies you will find in New Balance running shoes. There's more where that came from – only from the most trusted running shoe brand in the world.

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