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New Balance 907
Gear Up for the Challenge of Your Life

The New Balance 907 is a great trail running shoe that empowers every trail runner. Every inch of the shoe is perfectly designed to withstand the harsh conditions you might face on all kinds of terrain you decide to take on.

Stones, roots, and rocks will have no effect on this highly durable, all-terrain training shoe that’s built to last a long time.

Trail running is a very versatile form of running, but is highly demanding too. And since you will most likely encounter various challenges during your run, this could spell disaster for your shoe, but definitely not for the New Balance 907. This shoe is made extra durable for your hard-wearing trail runs. You can take it from high to low, from slippery to rough, and it will provide you with a solid performance that does not wear out.

What You’ll Like about the New Balance 907

New Balance 907Some of the best features of the New Balance 907 include:

  • All-Terrain Tread
  • Durable Outsole 907 Outsole
  • Flexible Forefoot
  • Other New Balance 907 Features to Love

1. All-Terrain New Balance 907 Tread

New Balance is fitted with all-terrain tread patterns in the sole to help you grip the surface of whatever terrain you are running on. The treads on the outsole help improve the shoe’s traction and provides more stability for runners even on rough or slippery surfaces. And for a more guaranteed stable stance, the shoe is equipped with the popular Stability Web, a special technology from New Balance. It also employs the use of the TS2 or Transitional Support System.

2. Durable Outsole

Durability is one of the most important factors in a training shoe like the 907. Trail runners take on demanding challenges, particularly rocky terrains, slippery terrains, and even uneven roads that require some climb.

Less sturdy trail running shoes will also cause you a lot of expenses since you’d have to buy replacements every time your running shoes give up on you. With the 907 trail running shoe from New Balance, this is the least of your worries. The shoe has a resilient rubber outsole with a protective plate; the outsole is definitely all geared up for a grueling battle with the terrain you are running on. While you run, all you have to worry about is your performance, stamina, and energy as you conquer those trails.

2. Flexible Forefoot

Sometimes, durability is somehow equated with rigidity or sturdiness, two things that can hinder a runner’s full performance.

Again, that’s not a valid reason to worry for the New Balance 907, which is surprisingly flexible even given its unbelievable stability. The shoe is quite flexible especially in the forefoot area so you can give your stride your full-powered natural gait. This helps improve your running efficiency and economy, which means that your every step won’t take too much effort from you as it will when your shoe is hard and chunky. With the 907, the shoe will follow your foot’s movement but still provide durability and support.

3. Other New Balance 907 Features to Love

As a trail running shoe, the New Balance 907 is well-constructed all around, with no component out of place. It comes with the stability and durability features that even the strongest trail runners greatly need. Best of all, the shoe also has minor features that still contribute greatly to the great shoe that it is. For instance, the 907 trail running shoe has a wide and spacious toe box that is great for wide-footed runners. The shoe also comes in three widths, a narrow, a normal, and a wide version, to meet the needs of a greater number of trail runners.

Also, the overall construction of the shoe is designed in such a way as to make it light and comfortable, so the shoe won’t require much effort from you while you run. Finally, this shoe makes sure not to sacrifice your comfort even as you run on the toughest trails. It comes with breathable mesh uppers for comfort and coolness.

New Balance 907 Review: Why It’s A Favorite

Trail runners have a lot to be thankful for with the release of the 907 from New Balance. Their favorite features in the shoe are its lightness, flexibility, and durability.

Some running shoe reviews have remarked that the shoe’s tongue requires an upgrade to help keep the debris out, but other than this, every other thing about the shoe is greatly appreciated.

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