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Adidas Running Shoes
State-of-the-Art Adidas Shoes That Can Keep Up With You

Adidas running shoes are one of the best brands of shoes around. The well-acclaimed worldwide Adidas shoes mark is unparalleled in quality, reliability, and a top-class image that you'll feel assured to trust.

The Adidas Group supplies the sporting industry with highly viable sporting goods and apparel.

With a long-running history characterized by breakthroughs in the industry, Adidas can be trusted to provide only the most durable sports footwear backed with state-of-the-art technology and foot science that fits various types of feet, runners' needs, running styles, and even design preferences.

And to meet an even wider range of needs and runners, the Adidas Group has three brands of sporting products, namely Adidas, Reebok, and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf.

Adidas and Reebok offer an extensive variety of footwear, sporting apparel, and accessories, while TaylorMade-Adidas focuses mostly on golfing equipment and apparel. Under the Adidas brand, the company offers all the types of running shoes that you could possibly be looking for.

The name alone already says a lot, but even without the name, you can be sure that Adidas running shoes can keep up with you no matter how fast and far you go. The Adidas running shoes collection is considered as one of the greatest in the industry. A well-known athletic footwear and apparel leader, Adidas has been revered for its high-quality products and its innovative technologies that make their shoes highly effective and supportive for any type of runner.

Below are the top three picks for Adidas running shoes in the categories neutral, motion control and stability. Updated of fall/autumn 2009

Best Adidas Running Shoes – Neutral

1) adidas Adistar Ride

  • The Adidas adiStar Ride is considered as the neutral shoe that gives the most comfortable feeling among all the neutral running shoes from Adidas.
  • Despite the soft and cushy cushioning in the shoe, it does not feel like mush at all. It comes with a NoSeam fit and a memory foam heel collar.
  • This is great for runners with big builds and high mileage requirements.

2) . and adidas Supernova Glide

  • The Supernova Glide from Adidas is a continuing tradition of Adidas quality and perfect shoe engineering.
  • It is ideal for runners with medium to high arches and provides great support and protection for the feet as it transitions during the critical phase of a run.
  • It was named as the Gear of the Year and is a highly durable shoe that you can take with you on high-mileage runs.

3) Adidas Response Trail 15

  • The Adidas Response Trail 15 is a great and durable trail running shoe from Adidas.
  • It has been designed to provide a good traction with the ground so you will remain steady at all times as you run.
  • Whether you take it to the paved road or the off road, the Response Trail 15 will be ready for the challenge.

Best Adidas Running Shoes – Cushioning/Stability

1) Adidas Response Cushion(click here)

The cushioning shoe for the most dynamic of runners, the Adidas Response Cushion delivers a great ride. It comes with a special 2D ForMotion technology that offers ground adaptability and easy maneuvering, an air mesh upper, adiPRENE in the forefoot, a special Torsion system, and adiWEAR outsole for extra durability.

2 ) Adidas Supernova Cushion

Among all Adidas running shoes, it is obvious that the Adidas Supernova Cushion is one of those that offer the best cushioning technologies. It comes with a GeoFit construction, a moisture-wicking anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner, a seam-free fit, and adiWEAR outsole for durability and strength even when you run the rough roads.

3) Adidas adiStar Cushion

Featuring the advanced 3D adiPRENE cushioning found in the heel, the adiStar Cushion Adidas running shoes offers precise cushioning in the important impact areas. The adiPRENE material goes a long way in providing protection from the harmful impact of your run. Other features include the Extended Torsion for integrity in the midfoot and forefoot, an adiWEAR outsole, and a QuickStrike technology that offers good flexibility without the added bulk.


Best Adidas Running Shoes – Motion Control

1) adidas adistar Control

Featuring a very unique Ground Control System or GCS, the adiStar Control 5 features special heel controllers that help correct overpronation. As for the forefoot, it comes with the flexible QuickStrike construction that ensures a smooth ride. To help make motion control even more effective, the shoe is fitted with a medial support device. The Ortholite antimicrobial moisture-resistant sockliner and the breathable mesh uppers are simply added benefits of this motion control offer.

2) Adidas Supernova Sequence 2

The Adidas Supernova Sequence offers a good responsive ride and a well-cushioned step-in feel. This is a great recommendation for runners who experience problems due to moderate overpronation. It comes with a secure fit around the heel and the midfoot to help correct pronation. The toebox was also made a bit roomier than in the earlier edition. Though a relatively new series, the Adidas Supernova Sequence 2 has managed to make a name for itself in the motion control category of Adidas running shoes.

3) Adidas adiZero Aegis

The adiZero Aegis has been praised for its excellent performance and is one of the best Adidas running shoes for moderate overpronators. Even without using a traditional post, the adiZero Aegis still comes with enough support that helps to correct overpronation. The shoe also ideally works with your foot in creating a smooth transition during the important stages of your run. Built for fast and rigorous trainings, this shoe is up for any challenge you find yourself up to.

Adidas Running Shoes through the Years

Founded in 1949 by great men named Adolf and Dassler, Adidas started out with the humblest of beginnings. No one would have been able to tell that the company they started was someday going to set world standards in the sporting industry.

Even as a young company, Adidas managed to produce what is now called the Miracle of Bern where Adidas soccer footwear spelled the difference between winning and losing.

After that, footwear from Adidas continued toback a series of victories that were hailed as the greatest sporting moments of all time. In 1995, the Adidas brand officially pursued its worldwide fame, especially with its famous “three-stripes” logo, which further fueled the popularity of the brand. And now, there is not one person who doesn't recognize the Adidas brand and treat it and its products with esteem.

That's why runners around the world trust only Adidas running shoes. Running shoes are very important; they protect runners' feet from bearing the brunt of each footfall and protect the runners entirely from accidents. Adidas can handle these and more, by providing a far-reaching range of shoes that can fit your needs, whatever type of runner you may be.

Adidas Running Shoes: Variety and Quality

As proof of the company's expertise in the industry, Adidas offers this unbelievable assortment of running shoes.

They engineer their shoes based on several factors such as why you run, where you run, what the weather in your location is like, and your motion mechanics as a runner based on the type of feet you have. They have running shoes for men and for women.They also have shoes designed specifically with motion control, cushioning, and for trail runners.

Based on these factors, they have a lot of product lines. Their most popular lines of running shoes are :

    • adiStar,
    • Supernova,
    • Response
    • and adiZero.

For men with high-arched feet, the Supernova Cushion and Response Cushion are highly recommended. These are running shoes powered with greater comfort and flexibility plus protective shock absorber to ease the impact on your feet.

For flat-footed men, the adiStar Control 5 and Response Control can provide them with the motion control that they need.

The Response line also offers Response Trail, which is specifically manufactured with extra durability against wear and tear when you use it on a trail. Other trail runners can also use the Supernova Riot and the adiStar Revolt. For women runners with high-arched feet, they have the Supernova Cushion 7 and Response Cushion 17.

And for women who need running shoes with greater motion control, they have the adiStar Control 5 and Response Control 7. Other top types include adiZero Tempo and Supernova Sequence for everyday running, adiZero CS for training, and adiZero LT for speed training. These are all just part of the unbelievably large family of running shoes by Adidas. You will surely find your perfect pair only from Adidas.

How Far Have Adidas Running Shoes Come?

Adidas running shoes are considered as one of the best running shoe brands that has achieved an unmatched worldwide fame. The Adidas Group manufactures one of the largest collection of athletic shoes under the Adidas brand as well as from other brands such as Reebok. With a long history dating back to 1949, it’s now hard to imagine how far Adidas has come as a brand.

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