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Reebok Running Shoes
The Top Offers from Reebok

Reebok Running Shoes make great running shoes; the Reebok options feature some innovative features that respond to the varying needs of runners. Reebok is a subsidiary of the sports equipment and apparel legend, Adidas. As such, practically the same level of quality and craftsmanship can be expected, so you can be sure that the Reebok products can also be trusted just as Adidas products are.

Two of the best things about Reebok running shoes are durability and variety. Most Reebok offerings are known for their long-lasting construction even when used by high mileage runners. Aside from that, Reebok has a lot of shoes that runners can choose from. Several stores that sell running shoes online carry wide arrays of Reebok running shoes.

Here are some of these best offerings categorized based on what type of feet they will be most appropriate for.

Reebok Running Shoes for Neutral Runners

reebok running shoes Reebok shoes for neutral runners include:

  • Reebok Premier Ultra KFS
  • Reebok Jet Speed
  • Reebok Fuego

1. Reebok Premier Ultra KFS

Known as the classic Reebok running shoe, the Premier Ultra KFS features advanced running shoe technologies. Cushioning is provided by special DMX foam technology, stability is provided by a dependable Eclipse midsole technology, and breathable mesh uppers ensure wearer comfort even on hot running or racing days. The KFS, as it appears in a lot of Asics’ products’ names, stands for the Kinetic Fit System.

2. Reebok Jet Speed

The Reebok Jet Speed is designed for the neutral runner who prefers a more cushioned ride. Despite the excellent cushioning, the Jet Speed features a TPU Footbridge that offers stability as well. Other important features are its suede mesh upper for breathability and durability, perforated sockliner that can be removed, and a podular outsole for durability.

3. Reebok Fuego

The Reebok Fuego is one of the most popular Reebok running shoes. The women’s edition is also especially in demand. Designed for the neutral runner, it enjoys the DMX Ride Cushioning System for cushioning, carbon rubber outsole for durability, and overall foot support and great foot fit with the IMEVA midsole and the mesh and leather uppers.

Reebok Running Shoes for Cushioning/Stability

Reebok running shoes for stabiliy and cushioning include:

  • Reebok Trinity KFS III
  • Reebok HexRide Radiate
  • Reebok SmoothFit Hex True

1. Reebok Trinity KFS III

The Trinity III features the same KFS system, but has enhanced cushioning with its full-length DMX foam Strobel. It is another one of Reebok’s KFS products, with the Kinetic Fit System referring to the blending of comfort and breathability every time you put the shoe on.

2. Reebok HexRide Radiate

The HexRide Radiate is one of the most advanced Reebok running shoes. Featuring the HexRide air spring cushioning technology, the HexRide Radiate radiates even brighter with its great fit, comfortable feel, and durability thanks to its sturdy rubber outsole.

3. Reebok SmoothFit Hex True

The Reebok SmoothFit Hex True benefits from the unique and exclusive HexRide technology, which uses an air spring cushioning system. The midsole features hexagonal grooves and the air in these creates a cushioned feel without the bulk. As a result, the shoe looks sleek but offers great cushioning and shock absorption. It can even handle various terrains with its great traction.

Reebok Running Shoes for Motion Control

Reebok running shoes for motion control include:

  • Reebok Premier Control III
  • Reebok Premier Road Plus KFS VI
  • Reebok Premier Phoenix

1. Reebok Premier Control III

Durable and effective in providing motion control, the Reebok Premier Control III uses a medial TPU post to ensure user stability every step of the way, even during the heel to toe transition stage. This helps guide the feet through a natural stride without overpronation. The heel, however, is saved from impact by a good cushioning system and polyurethane sockliner.

2. Reebok Premier Road Plus KFS VI

The Premier Road Plus VI is another member of the KFS or Kinetic Fit System offered by Reebok. This is a special technology that provides a great and comfortable fit for every runner who uses the shoe. It balances motion control with good cushioning with the DMX Ride. It also has synthetic and mesh upper for good support, plus a medial post for stability purposes.

3. Reebok Premier Phoenix

A comfortable running companion – that’s exactly how you can describe the Premier Phoenix from Reebok. The shoe features a full-length DMX Strobel board that offers comfort and cushioning, and this works in conjunction with the dual density medial post to keep your every strike steady.

Are Reebok Running Shoes Worth Their Prices?

Reebok, being a subsidiary of high-end footwear brand Adidas, is also considered as a well sought for running shoe brand. Reebok running shoes can be expected to be more costly, but only because the quality of the shoes cannot be denied. The shoes are expensive, but when you make the right choice, your ultimate buy will definitely be worth it.

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