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New Balance 473
The Ultimate Trail Running Shoe

The New Balance 473 is one of the most extensively reviewed running shoes created by the expert in the industry.

This shoe provides a great combination of features that all work together to benefit the trail runner.

Made extra durable for your demanding runs, this shoe is ready to face even the roughest terrain, which makes it a great companion for more adventurous runners. This shoe can take you to go see exciting new places and gather exciting new running experiences.

There’s no terrain too rough for the hardy and trusty New Balance 473.

The best thing is that, no matter how rough the terrain, your ride will be comfortable and won’t wear you out, thanks to the special comfort and support offered by this shoe.

This is the ultimate shoe for the trail, so trail and off-road runners should not neglect to check this shoe out, or else they’d miss half of their trail running quest.

What Makes the New Balance 473 Great for the Trail

New Balance 473 The New Balance 473 is full of various features that all add up to make this the great shoe that it is.

  • New Balance 473 Shock Absorption and Fabric Lining
  • Maximum Support
  • Synthetic Leather Mesh for the Special New Balance Comfort

1. New Balance 473 Shock Absorption and Fabric Lining

First of all these features is the midsole with shock absorption and fabric lining. The midsole are made of injection-molded EVA and are also very flexible so as not to get in your way as you run.

The midsole are also packed with C-CAP cushioning, which is a type of cushioning system pioneered by New Balance. The secret of this cushioning is that it provides great comfort and softness while still maintaining stability for your foot.

2., Maximum Protection and Superior Comfort

The shoe also comes with a soft, luxurious footbed and Encap cushioning located in the heel for maximum protection and superior comfort that will make running on rough terrain almost like walking on clouds.

Another unique feature of the New Balance 473 is the AT Tread all-terrain outsole, which features deep flex grooves and lugs.

This great add-on makes the shoe highly versatile and adaptable to both on-road and off-road runs. You can also be sure of the longevity of the shoe because of the solid rubber trail lug material used in the outsole. So even if you try and wear the shoe out with your demanding trail runs, it will stay in great shape for a long, long time.

The outsole provides the shoe not only with a longer life span but also splendid traction.

3. Synthetic Leather Mesh Of The 473 Shoe

The shoe has a synthetic leather mesh upper that provides a lightweight feel and added cooling benefit to make sure that your foot stays comfortable at all times.

This added breathability is very important especially for off-road and trail runs, which tend to be more demanding. The upper comes with a lace-up front to ensure a great, snug fit for the foot and synthetic lining that prevents irritation and feels great to the skin.

Other add-ons for the upper are the reflective accents to provide visibility in nighttime running.

User Opinions on the New Balance 473

There are a lot of reasons why this shoe is a big hit. This is actually the type of shoe that trail runners have been waiting for.

Thankfully, the long wait is over! The New Balance 473 solved all the problems faced by runners who are bored with their usual trails and want to go further, but don’t have the shoes for it.

But now, they can go really far with this shoe. The shoe’s overall rugged appeal also attracts a lot of adventurous runners, for whom this shoe is specifically made for. This is also a great product for neutral runners. It has been rated highly as one of the most comfortable running shoes built for rough running, but according to users, it requires a considerable break-in period before this comfort will set in.

But once they set in, you can be sure that this shoe can take you to where no other runners have been able to go before, when the New Balance 473 hasn’t been ingeniously created.

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