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New Balance 476
Built for All Terrains

The New Balance 476 is a trendy trail running shoe that can handle all kinds of terrains to help you reach all your trail running goals. You can go anywhere from rocky areas, steep climbs, and slippery surfaces, and the New Balance 476 will keep you on your feet. This shoe, as a trail running footgear, is built specifically for the purpose of keeping you steady even if the ground you’re running on is not.

This is a very popular trail running offer from New Balance. It also has a great style that most runners like. Technically, it is an entry-level trail running shoe that gives a lot of support and comfort.

If you are about to go on a trail run, this shoe is the entire package that you need.

What You’ll Get from the New Balance 476

New Balance 476 Some of the best features of the New Balance 476 that makes it stand out from the rest are:

  • Good Traction
  • Sufficient Cushioning
  • No-Fuss Fit

1. Good New Balance Traction

The New Balance 476’s strongest suit is how it keeps you grounded as you face challenging surfaces. It provides aggressive traction so you can run your best without worries. This excellent traction is offered by the lugged outsole of the shoe, which grips the surface and supports your balance for a powerful stride regardless of what surface you’re on.

The lugged outsole with the all-terrain treads has also been designed to interact well with various terrains. The lugs are added to give your feet a good grip. It is made of blown rubber that provides excellent shock attenuation and also wraps your shoe with ultra durability for a long last. This is also supported by synthetic overlays found at the heel and forefoot area. The overlays make the shoe even more resilient against rough terrains. The outsole is the core of a wide range of benefits offered by this shoe.

2. Sufficient Cushioning

If you have on the New Balance 476, your feet will have a heyday even if you’re running rough. The durable and protective cushioning installed in the shoe is both lightweight and flexible, thanks to the injection-molded EVA material used in the midsole. This material is very light, so the rough runs will not get rougher for you without the extra weight. And as a New Balance shoe, it uses the innovative ABZORB technology for surefire cushioning centered on the heel. This technology uses supportive posts that protect your feet from collapse and impact from the surface. It is so effective and is not New Balance’s most popular technology for no reason at all.

3. No-Fuss Fit For the New Balance 476

On top of that, the New Balance 476 is a well-fitting trail running shoe. It provides an excellent fit for your utmost comfort, considering that the trail is expectedly going to get rough and tough. Trail runs can be challenging. If you’ve decided to take your running to the next level, the trail run is an essential step to take. But trail running requires your concentration to keep on going.

The last thing you need is yet another thing to worry about, like an ill-fitting shoe. That’s not a problem with the 476’s no-fuss fit. It uses a mesh upper for excellent comfort and fit that you won’t complain about. The upper also provides enough ventilation to keep you relaxed and comfy as you run.

New Balance 476 for the Athlete in You

The New Balance 476 is a great athletic shoe that’s as aggressive and resilient as the serious runner that you are. It is constructed with great quality and great features that effectively keep you going steadily whether you’re running rough or smooth. But yet another one of the best things that you will like about this shoe is the price. The 476 is available at a competitive price that just wins trail runners over.

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