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New Balance 801
Your Powerful Trail Running Shoe

The New Balance 801 is an easy wear trail running shoe that offers great cushioning, stability, and comfort during your grueling runs. This shoe is well-loved by trail runners for its perfectly engineered style combined with perfect function.

Trail runners praise this shoe for revolutionizing the trail running shoe industry with its innovative technologies and perfect blend of benefits that the challenging trail runner will appreciate. This is considered an original running shoe built to face all kinds of terrains. You can take the shoe for on-road running and off-road as well.

Several trail runners have switched to the 801 and are reaping the benefits from the shoe as they go along. Here are the features that make the New Balance 801 your best companion for the rough trail.

Why Buy the New Balance 801?

Video to the right, the new 801 model (fall 2009)

A few reasons to buy the New Balance 801 are:

  • Cushioning and Shock Protection
  • Stability and Support
  • Construction

1. Cushioning and Shock Protection

The New Balance 801 is wonderfully cushioned. It is a highly favored shoe among trail runners because it provides robust cushioning that offers protection and comfort to the feet even on rough trail runs. The cushioning technology used is New Balance’s exclusive ABZORB technology, which protects especially around the heel and the forefoot sections, the most vulnerable sections during your run. The ABZORB technology is known as the best cushioning technology when it comes to shock attenuation, which is a must in any trail running shoe.

New Balance 801Aside from that, the shoe has C-CAP compression-molded EVA midsole for added flexibility. This midsole material is also quite lightweight. And for a sturdier protection, the shoe has a solid rubber outsole that makes it even more durable and resistant to the harsh elements you may encounter while on the trail. The outsole also has lugs to improve the shoe’s traction, a system under New Balance’s AT Tread outsole technology. With this technology, the shoe gives you a stronger grip.

2. Stability and Support

The New Balance 801 also uses the Stability Web technology to give you the stability you need even on unstable terrains. The Stability Web from New Balance is an excellent innovation from New Balance. With the Stability Web, the shoe can support your feet while you run.

The Stability Web also ensures that your shoe will feel lighter even with a sturdy trail running shoe on it. This system uses thermoplastic urethane or TPU, placing it right under the arch for better torsion and flexibility. But the best thing about this is that, even as it provides support and stability, it allows enough room for the foot’s flexible movement.

3. Construction

The very construction of the 801 from New Balance is also well mapped out, every single material well chosen and every single inch of the shoe in perfect place. The shoe is highly durable and fits quite well with its synthetic mesh uppers that also resists water to help you deal with various weather conditions. And to perk things up, the shoe comes in great-looking color schemes with a great, comfortable fit.

Consumers’ Spotlight: New Balance 801 Reviews

Your most grueling runs will come out like a breeze with the New Balance 801. This all-terrain shoe is definitely a must-have for every trail runner. Get the shoe and reach your trail running goals with no worries. The three-way combination of cushioning, stability, and good, durable construction is a great recipe for a trail shoe.

The running shoe reviews say it all. Runners who have experienced running on the 801 will tell you that its best suits are cushioning and good traction. Though some runners find it a bit expensive, the shoe is definitely worth it. You can tell, after all, based on the soaring ratings that users give the shoe, ranging only between 4 stars and 5 out of a perfect 5.

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