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Nike Shoes : Simply Legends

Nike running shoes has a special place among runners on all levels. Who doesn't know about the continuing legend of the Nike shoes?

For years, Nike running has strived to more than just produce running shoes, but to revolutionize the world of running shoe and propel sport running to worldwide fame.

Many runners are even inspired by Nike to go further with their chosen sport than they ever intended to.

What makes Nike shoes different is that their shoes are greatly enhanced with advanced and insightful technologies straight from the home of innovation, the Nike Lab.

For Nike, coming up with endless innovations to make their running shoe even better is practically an obsession. And they'll stop at nothing just to bring you the greatest Nike running shoes around. The Nike Pegasus for example is the best selling running shoe in the world ever, now as the Nike Air Pegasus

Let us go through the top three shoes within the main running shoes catagories, namely neutral, cushioning and motion control.

Best Nike Running Shoes - Neutral. Top 3 Shoes.

nike running shoesThese are our top 3 neutral Nike running shoes

  • Nike Zoom Vomero
  • Nike Air Pegasus 26
  • Nike Lunar Trainer


Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5

The Nike Zoom Vomero 4 is designed as a neutral shoe with that provides a bit more cushioning than usual for comfort purposes. Due to this, the Zoom Vomero 4 is quite the flexible shoe. It can offer the right level of cushioning and support for both neutral runners and mild underpronators.

This is a great choice for runners who feel strained due to the continuous pounding experienced while on the road. Equipped with a Cushlon midsole and Nike’s special Zoom Air cushioning technology, the Nike Zoom Vomero 4 is perfectly capable of delivering what the shoe itself promised.

2) Nike Air Pegasus

Now on the 26th edition, it is clear that the Air Pegasus shoe series has always been popular. Designed for those who experience mild underpronation, the Nike Air Pegasus offers an outstanding fit and even feels great when worn.

It comes with a breathable mesh upper, strategically positioned overlays, a segmented crash pad, an arch bridge, flex grooves, a soft foam footbed, and reflective elements. It is also Nike+ enabled.


Our number three choice is the the Nike LunarTrainer+. This shoe is great for runners who do a lot of running and training. With extremely durable LunarLite foam for cushioning and a responsive ride, the LunarTrainer+ fast became one of the best Nike running shoes upon its introduction.

It comes with the latest technologies such as the Flywire technology and is already Nike+ ready.

Nike Running Shoes - Cushioning/Stability

.These are the top three cushioning/stability within the Nike brand, if you need that extra little cushioning help !

  • Nike Air Span
  • Zoom Structure Triax
  • Nike Zoom Elite

1) Nike Air Span+ 6 Running Shoe

The Nike Air Span 6 is one of the best Nike running shoes recommended for runners with neutral feet or those who tend to overpronate a bit. It comes with effective medial support plus a light but cushioned feel. Important features include a Flywire upper, a highly durable and responsive Cushlon ST midsole, and a Nike Air unit along the full length of the shoe for cushioning.

2) Nike Zoom Air Structure

The Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax, now on the 12th edition, is a great motion control and support shoe.

It comes in three basic widths to fit various runners’ feet sizes. It has a mix of mesh and synthetic leather for the upper, the Nike Zoom technology for the heel cushioning, a large Duralon rubber insert for forefoot cushioning, and a BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole for durability. It also comes with a special decoupled heel crash pad that helps guide your feet through a smooth landing.

3) Nike Air Zoom Elite 4        

Noted for its great shoe biomechanics, the Nike Air Zoom Elite 4 is easily one of the best Nike running shoes that offer stability and mild pronation control. It is recommended for runners who do a lot of training due to its durability and light weight.

The Nike Air Zoom Elite 4 replaced the full length air sole and the overlays with a different construction system then added a Nike+ device for Nike+ technology capabilities.

Nike Running Shoes - Motion Control

So what are the top picks for motion control ? Here they are :

  • Nike Zoom Nucleus
  • Nike LunarGlide
  • Zoom Equalon

1) Nike Air Equalon

Sometimes dubbed as one of the best updates, the Nike Zoom Equalon 3 is a highly recommended shoe for runners who experience mild to moderate overpronaton. It is Nike+ enabled and features a newly improved responsive cushioning system and a new comfortable sockliner.

2 ) Nike LunarGlide

In terms of technology, the Nike LunarGlide is a hands down Nike winner. It features the most advanced running footwear technologies of Nike such as the LunarLite, the Flywire, and the Dynamic Support System. It comes in both men’s and women’s versions and added some gender-specific features to the women’s edition.

3) Nike Zoom Nucleus MC

The Nike Zoom Nucleus is a popular training shoe with motion control. It is great for runners who like high mileage runs and high performance trainings.

It comes with a Zoom Air unit for cushioning in the heel and the forefoot, a decoupled crash pad, a supportive shank, a durable BRS 1000 heel, Waffle tread and Duralon in the outsole, and a midfoot saddle for effective pronation control.

Want Even More Nike Shoe Info ?

Here are some general tips and terminology concerning Nike shoes and what other series you have to pick from.

First, there's the Nike Shox shoe series. It's an uncontested fact; Nike Shox technology has achieved global fame. Shox refers to the small hollow rubber columns found in the midsoles of the shoes.

The Shox appears in various formations depending on the shoe's engineering, and they also have different sizes. These columns aim to add an additional spring and force to your every step.

Aside from that, they also have the AirSole technology, which is used in a lot of Nike running shoes. Their Air Max and Air Zoom running shoe lines are based on this technology, which is technically an air-based cushioning.This type of cushioning is more durable and provides a stronger return of energy with every heel strike.

Nike also came up with the avant-garde Nike Free series, which mimics barefoot running while you're wearing highly protective shoes. These shoes do not constrict the natural strides of the runner and prevents body fatigue by still providing a good level of cushioning.

As if those innovations are not enough, Nike continues to provide more possibilities for runners with their Nike+ system. This system refers to the Nike+ pockets in the sockliners of certain compatible shoes.

The pockets can hold the special Nike+ sensor, which can be connected to the runner's Apple iPod nano. The sensor sends the runner's running specs straight to the iPod, so you'd know how you're doing as you run.

The Most Popular Nike Running Shoes

With all these technologies, there's no doubt why Nike is an international sports icon, especially its legendary Swoosh logo. If you need to buy a running shoe, go to a brand that you can trust, and with Nike, that is hardly a question anymore.

Nike has a lot of chart-toppers, starting with the well-loved Nike Air Zoom Vomero+, which is widely popular among both male and female runners. The shoes are known for their great fit and the great ride that they offer.

In the Nike Shox series, their most popular is the Shox R5. Another popular product is the Nike Air Pegasus+ for trainers and the Nike Air Trail Pegasus+ for trail runners.

And if you want to try the Nike Free technology, check out the Nike Free Everyday for both men and women. All these shoes are all avid members of most chart listings of the top running shoes around.

You'll never go wrong with Nike running shoes. In fact, with a Nike, you'll surely be inspired to go farther than you've ever dreamed.

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