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Newton Running Shoes
Creating A Running Revolution

Newton Running Shoes starkly stand out from the rest of the bunch, and they were designed to be that way. The running shoes offered by Newton are very distinct, both in its physical appearance and in its overall construction. Even the colors would immediately tell you that the shoe is a Newton.

But the running shoes are not the only distinct offer of Newton Running. The company caused a revolution in the running shoe industry that got most runners curious. They introduced a new running form that emphasized on running and landing on the ball of your feet. The Newton Running website even gives detailed information and support about the effectiveness of such running form and how this can help your performance. It certainly sheds new light to the secrets of great running performance.

The Facts about Newton Running Shoes

newton running shoes Few facts about the Newton Running Shoes:

  • The Newton Running Team
  • The Newton Running Technology
  • The Newton Running Underpronation Products
  • The Newton Running Overpronation Products

1. The Newton Running Team

The Newton Running Team is led by three running revolutionaries: the co-founder and CEO Jerry Lee, the co-founder and chief technical officer Danny Abshire, and the president Stephen Gartside. Together they have built the reputation and distinct business of Newton Running, supported by a larger team that continually pushes the unique Newton shoes to the forefront. All members of the Newton Running team are runners, with president Stephen Gartside a dedicated long endurance marathoner. Thus, with running shoes from Newton, you can be sure that your needs are understood by the people who made your shoes.

2. The Newton Running Technology

The Newton running shoes are built upon two distinct technologies, the first of which is the Action/Reaction technology. This technology ensures that you lose little energy when you run because the shoes feature actuator lugs that boost you forward upon impact. It also provides more cushioning using vertically placed actuator lugs, which are more durable than foam cushioning. The unique structure of the Newton shoe also features less surface area, which, according to the Newton Running science, reduces ground friction.

This technology also places special Newton Flex Grooves between the toe and the metatarsal area, and this allows you to run free and flexibly, as if you were barefoot. This is based on the natural biomechanics of the foot, which is the science behind the exclusive Action/Reaction technology. According to this technology, when you use a midfoot strike when you run, the midfoot and forefoot area hits the ground when you run, and the actuator lugs are the ones that catch the impact. They are then pressed into the hollow chambers in the shoe, and at the same time, the actuator lugs bounce right back with its stored energy and boosts you forward.

Aside from that, Newton Running shoes also use the Universal Posting Technology, the Newton version of the link between shoes and foot type. The technology uses a unique midsole design where there is an X-shaped foam providing support for the lateral and the medial sides of the feet. The technology provides protection for the bone structure of the feet and distributes weight and impact evenly throughout the shoe. The idea is that even when you underpronate or overpronate, the X-shaped foam will correct the problem and provide flexibility and comfort.

3. The Newton Running Underpronation Products

For underpronators, the top running shoes from Newton include the Gravity line, the Distance line, and the Motion AW line. The Gravity line is made for high mileage and high volume usage, but the shoes are very light – making them ideal for training purposes. It applies the Action/Reaction technology supported by a durable carbon rubber heel. It also uses unique recyclable laces, box, and outersole rubber.

The Distance line consists of shoes made for racing, with its science centered on the high-rebound midsole for extra speed and performance. The Motion AW line, on the other hand, is great for training in various conditions with its added durability.

4. The Newton Running Overpronation Products

Newton Running also offers shoes for overpronators. The lines are Motion, Distance S, and Motion Aw. The Distance S running shoe features breathable air mesh uppers, an anatomical strapping system, and bilateral stretch panels. You also get special medial posts to control pronation. The same Action/Reaction technology and the eco-friendly materials used in production apply.

What Reviews Say about Newton Running Shoes

The Newton Running shoes created a buzz in the running world that a lot of runners got curious. Midfoot strike runners found the support they need from the shoes, though heel strike runners are definitely in for a surprise and would need to adjust to the different construction of the shoe. Reviews also remarked on the shoes being quite expensive. The Newton Running shoes, therefore, are great for serious runners, marathoners, and racers, and they are definitely not for everyone.

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