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New Balance 992
A Born Legacy in Running Shoes

The New Balance 992 is one of New Balance’s most classic sneakers.

Built with a reliability that has built the New Balance brand for years and years, this shoe is definitely a preferred product of many runners.

The reason is obvious; the shoe has a very appealing old-school style that attracts a lot of runners.

It is also highly comfortable when worn, and is made with an endurance that fits a true athlete. As part of the New Balance 990 shoe series started by the company in the 80s, this shoe is definitely a born legend.

This series already has a reputation all its own.

The New Balance 992 is made specifically for athletes who tend to pronate more than usual and was designed and engineered with the quality that the 990 series is well-known for. Mild and moderate overpronators will find just the right combination of stability and comfort with its effective cushioning and light support.

This shoe is easily the most popular shoe for such runners among all the New Balance shoes out there.

The Key to New Balance 992’s Success

New Balance 992 Prime Running Shoes

New Balance empowers its long list of shoes with only the finest footgear technologies. As a leading company in shoe manufacturing for the running industry, the company naturally has its own technologies.

In fact, they have the widest range of proprietary shoe technologies, each one contributing to the success of the New Balance running shoes. Since they continually come out with great technologies and new features, they needed to update the old 991, which was, on its own, already good enough.

They created the 992 :

  • The Brooks 992 is a cushioning update from 991
  • With excellent midsole 992 support & fit

1. Cushioning Update From The 991 Model

To make the 991 even better, the company created the 992. The 992 shoe from New Balance is equipped with the company’s special ABZORB technology for cushioning, ensuring that your feet are perfectly comfortable even as you go miles and miles.

The heel and forefoot is padded with ABZORB SBS cushioning, which is about 10% more protective than the original ABZORB.

These features provide great shock absorption to keep your feet safe and healthy, which will then help you to go miles and miles without slowing down or meeting any injuries.

2. EVA Midsole Support

This shoe just provides what is quite important for runners. The midsole also provide plenty of cushioning with the C-CAP molded EVA midsole material and the ENCAP polyurethane midsole technology, which is praised for its lengthened durability and the support that it provides.

The outsole is made of N-Durance material, a rubber compound that is also highly durable to give your shoe a long life even when you take it out to rough terrains.

The New Balance 992 is also made of the finest materials in the world of running shoe technology. It uses a synthetic mesh upper that provides a lightweight feel but still manages to support the foot.

3. 992 : Perfect Fit and Reliable

All in all, with these features, the 992 provides the perfect fit for your feet. And as a runner, you know just how important a perfect shoe fit is to you and your performance. It can spell a world of difference, especially for runners with specific needs.

Thankfully, New Balance is around to provide you with great and reliable shoes like the New Balance 992.

What Folks are Saying about the New Balance 992

Users of the shoe are very much satisfied, with great reviews and ratings ranging from 3.8 out of 5 to 4.5 out of 5. Based on these ratings, it is apparent that this shoe took the running world by storm. Reviewers of the shoe comment that the 992 is very pleasing to the feet, especially for those with moderate overpronation.

Although some users may not find this suitable for them, the shoe is perfect for the function that it serves and the runner that it is designed for.

The New Balance 992 is also preferred by many because it is widely available. It is available in 92 different sizes for both men and women. It also comes in five different widths to fit various foot sizes.

The 992 from New Balance is definitely an enduring shoe, practically a heritage, and most likely the perfect pair you’ve been looking for.

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