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Running Shoes for Overpronators
Get Rid of Pronation Problem with the Right Shoes

Running shoes for overpronators can correct overpronation problem that commonly frustrates flat-footed runners. Runners with flat feet tend to overpronate or experience an excessive rolling movement of their feet. It is important that runners try to correct this. If not, their performance and efficiency when they run will be greatly affected. When the overpronation problem, however, is corrected, the runners can reach their optimum performance without worrying about their feet.

Before buying a running shoe, examine your feet to see if you have an arch. If you don’t see one or if your footprint looks whole and without an inward curving area in the middle, then you have a flat foot and you need running shoes for overpronators, which are called motion control shoes.

Top Running Shoes for Overpronators

  • running shoes for overpronatorsBrooks Adrenaline GTS
  • Asics Gel Kayano
  • Asics GT2150


1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

The Adrenaline GTS is the most popular shoe Brooks ever came up with. Brooks recently came out with the Adrenaline GTS 10 to greet the shoe series’ 10th year in the market. This newest version was recently awarded by Runner’s World as the Best Update of the year. This update was heavily anticipated and the wait was indeed worth it.

The shoe still maintained its old signature PDRB triple-density medial post, which is its main motion control technology that made it the best running shoes for overpronators, so it remains to be the leading motion control shoe in the market. It also still has the celebrated last and shape that made the Adrenaline GTS famous in the first place. The same HydroFlow cushioning was also included in the heel and forefoot.

The latest version comes with some improvements, such as the improved upper materials and the construction of the upper which makes it conform to the feet better. The shoe now also has asymmetrical upper overlays that keeps the arch well-supported. And to further prevent overpronation, Brooks also added an increased heel and a caterpillar heel pad which adjusts better to the runner’s heel landings.

2. Asics Gel Kayano

All the leading running shoe manufacturers have their own representatives in the motion control category. For Asics, one of these representatives is the Asics Gel Kayano. The Gel Kayano, however, is famous for being very flexible because it fits most types of runners perfectly. It can work great when used by mild to moderate overpronators and neutral runners. But technically, the shoe is a support or motion control shoe with structured cushioning.

The latest version of the shoe is the Gel Kayano 16, which comes with the newest Asics technology, the Guidance Line. This line helps guide the foot through its natural gait. Since the Gel Kayano has good cushioning offered by Solyte midsole, Gel forefoot and heel, and the new Soft Top Duomax midsole, it needs a bit more structuring to keep it as an overpronation corrective shoe. The Guidance Line, along with the Impact Guidance System makes this combination possible.

The lower density midsole material and the special design of the heel area makes it an even better shoe for overpronators as both prevents the feet from unnecessary movements.

3. Asics GT2150

Asics has yet another offer in the market of running shoes for overpronators. It offers the Asics GT-2150 especially for moderate to severe overpronators. The shoe is designed for all-around use, so it can be your ultimate running companion in your trainings, performances, and other running events.

The Asics GT2150 uses two main technologies to help correct pronation: the Impact Guidance System that connects the rearfoot, midfoot, and forefoot for a more efficient all-around foot motion, and the improved Space Trusstic system that maintains the overpronating runner’s stability during his run.

Understanding Pronation and the Role of Best Shoes for Overpronators

Pronation can be expected by any runner. Pronation occurs when the foot rotates a bit to strike the ground in a way that would equally distribute the impact throughout the foot before your foot takes off again. It is when the rotation of the foot is excessive that it becomes a problem. Aside from affecting performance, excessive pronation can strain the foot and the lower leg muscles because the impact received by the foot is not balanced and is centered solely on a specific part of the foot, normally the heel. It’s a good thing that this can be corrected by running shoes for ovepronators.


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