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Best Walking Shoes
How to Find the Top Walking Shoes : Nike, Flat Feet

The best walking shoes are those that allows the wearer to walk comfortably and one that can ease the impact received by the ball of the foot. Let us explore the best Nike walking shoes, walking shoes for flat feet and high arches as well as the top walking shoes technologies. Walking is different from running. When you walk, the foot spends a longer time on the ground than when you run, which requires you to take off right after your foot makes a landing.

Due to the longer ground contact time, walking tends to cause more soreness in the body, especially the lower back. To prevent this, good walking shoes should have plenty of cushioning in the ball of the foot and a shoe that flexes easily between the heel and the toe box so that the foot does not need to fight it. However, walking shoes should be flat, so no to higher heel platforms.

Some people also use running shoes for walking, so you can also consider this option. Although not all running shoes can be used for walking, there are some running shoe models that offer added benefits for your walk. Here’s a mix of running shoes and walking shoes that can be used as the best walking shoes for your walking expeditions.

Shoes that Make Best Walking Shoes

  • Nike Free 5.0 V4
  • New Balance 1064
  • New Balance 787

best walking shoes1. Nike Free 5.0 V4 - One of Our Top Walking Shoes Picks

When choosing walking shoes, you should keep three important factors in mind: flexibility, low heel, and the fit. This is exactly the package offered by the Nike Free 5.0 V4, so even though this is a running shoe, it also makes one of the best walking shoes. It has a very low, almost completely flat heel and with almost no platform at all since the shoe, after all, is trying to imitate barefoot walking. The outsole is very soft and flexible as well; it easily conforms to the bend and natural movement of the foot. Lastly, the shoe has a very good fit that is snug and supportive in the midfoot and heel areas, but has enough room for flexing in the toe area. It offers an asymmetrical lacing system and a good tongue construction that helps lessen the pressure felt by the top of the foot.

Other Nike features incude the molded sockliner, microfiver synthetic overlays, ultra-sonic welding for irritation-free construction, high-wear-resistant carbon rubber outsole, and the unique Nike Free sipes marking the forefoot.

2. New Balance 1064

A lot of New Balance running shoes are good fitness walking shoes. They match the standards of the best walking shoes in terms of fit, flexibility and design. One of these running shoes is the New Balance 1064, which offers generous but lightweight cushioning. The cushioning helps absorb impact to prevent lower back pain, but with its good compression set properties, the cushioning technologies are thin and light. The midsole is protected by Abzorb FL foam, DuPont Engage, and Isoprene rubber. The heel is protected by the N-ergy Heel and Ndurance heel crash pad.

As for flexibility, the New Balance 1064 comes with forefoot flex grooves on the outsole so your feet won’t have to fight through the shoe to bend. And finally, the shoe provides a secure fit with the LockDown Liner lining and dual density collar foam upper.

Other exclusive features include the Sure Lace closure system with a reciprocating wave pattern that will remain securely tied even in inclement conditions, a blown rubber outsole in the forefoot, a very comfortable abrasion-free Phantom Liner, quick-drying Lightning Dry lining, synthetic/mesh upper, and 360 degree reflectivity upper to add to your safety.

3. New Balance 787 for Walking

If real walking shoes are still the best walking shoes for you, then you can also get them from New Balance. New Balance offers a lot of walking shoes for men and women. One of the best walking shoes from the top brand is the New Balance 787. The shoe provides the same Abzorb heel and forefoot cushioning technology found in the running shoes. This absorbs shock so that the foot and your lower torso won’t suffer much from your walking. The 787 also fits comfortably, as many walkers have already experienced firsthand, with its good cushioning and even better breathability, thanks to its breathable mesh insets and brushed fabric insole. Every stride is well-guided with the Rollbar, which provides support without constricting the natural flex of the foot.  This is one good walking shoe to use.

Why Running Shoes are the Best Walking Shoes

The main difference between running shoes and walking shoes is the flexibility. Walking requires the shoe to bend more, so walking shoes should be more flexible. But with the new technologies in running shoes these days, more and more shoes are becoming very flexible that they have become ideal walking shoes as well.

These shoes are also especially ideal for those who plan to transition from walking to running as there is no need to buy a different shoe anymore. Running shoes with extra flexibility also make the best walking shoes because they provide more support for the ankle and have less weight than most bulkier walking shoes.

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