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Well-Loved Running Shoes the World Over

In the world of running, Mizuno running shoes are nearly legends. Mizuno has been in the industry since the early 1900s, ever since its monumental foundation in Japan in 1906, and that just shows how credible the company really is.

Their success can also be attributed to their corporate philosophy, which is to contribute to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.

This philosophy can be seen in many ways.

First, there’s the wide array of sports products that they offer to the market.

But aside from that, Mizuno is also a well-known promoter of sporting events all over the world and a leading innovator when it comes to sports gear technology. And since the industry is quite crowded, Mizuno makes sure that all their products are constructed in such a way that they stand out among the competition.

This is made possible thanks to the very unique features of Mizuno. Even as the company’s focus tends towards sports events, such as competition and racing, they also offer excellent products built for other purposes. You can see all of this in their latest success, the Mizuno Alchemy 9 ( Click Here )

Well-loved the world over, Mizuno is a recognized expert in the sports footgear industry, so if you are looking for running shoes and are considering Mizuno running shoes, you can expect to be perfectly satisfied with your choice.

Different Types of Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Running Shoes Mizuno offers a very extensive roster of only the most excellent products in the running shoe market.

Their shoes are characterized by ;

  • Based on Type : Overpronate/Pronation or Nneutral
  • Control, Cushioning and Stability of the Mizuno running shoes
  • Speciality Mizunos

1. Mizuno Overpronate/Pronation or Neutral Shoes

Their running shoes can be classified according to two major criteria, namely the foot type compatibility and your specific needs as a runner.

Various running shoes are built for runner who severely overpronate, who overpronate mildly or moderately, and those who have a normal level of pronation.

2. Mizuno Control, Support and Neutral Shoes

Mizuno has control, support, and neutral running shoes, respectively. When it comes to the runner’s specific needs, Mizuno also has products that provide maximum protection and moderate protection, depending on what you prefer.

Aside from that, Mizuno also offers shoes engineered particularly to help enhance your performance as a runner as well as shoes built for racing.

3. Special Designs

Aside from those standard classifications, Mizuno also designs special shoes like some for cross country running.

With all these Mizuno running shoes, it is clear that the company is on an unstoppable quest to finding the secret to the ride of your life, which is what it intends to bring to every runner out there.

Reviews : Mizuno Running Shoes to Check Out

If you want to check out Mizuno running shoes, there are certain shoe models that will certainly win you over fast. Based on running shoe reviews, these are the shoes that provide an exhilarating ride.

If you are looking for a neutral running shoe, check out Mizuno’s quite popular Wave Creation shoes, especially the Wave Creation 9. This shoe comes with the Dynamotion fit and was created for high mileage running. Other shoe series designed for neutral runners include the Wave Rider, especially the 11th model, and Wave Precision, more specifically the Wave Precision 8 and 9.

If you are looking for a sleeker shoe, check out the Wave Universe 2, which is a super light racing shoe for the neutral racer.

But if you need some support while you run because you experience moderate overpronation, you should check out the Wave Nirvana 4 and the Mizuno Alchemy 9 ( Click Here ) Both shoes provide mild support and protection without sacrificing comfort. You might also like the great-looking, high-performance Wave Elixir 3 and Wave Revolver 5. Both are designed to run those miles with you while looking impressive in the process. And if you need some support during your trail run, you can check out the Wave Ascend 3.

But if you need more protection as a severe overpronator, you’ll most likely find the right level of motion control in the Wave Renegade shoe series, especially the Wave Renegade 3 and 4.

There are also Mizuno running shoes for cross country runners.

If you happen to be one, you should check out the Mizuno running shoe series called Kaze 2, which comes in a Dimple model and a Spike model. Both shoes are designed to take you across the country and provide an extra boost to your performance.

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