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New Balance 1122
Versatility in One Shoe

The New Balance 1122 offers a winning combination of motion control, stability, and cushioning, and in the process, caters to a wide segment of the running market. To offer all the benefits that it offers, the shoe employs the services of various New Balance proprietary technologies such as the ABZORB SBS, the Medial Post, the SL-2 Last, and many others.

Combining the benefits of all these features, the 1122 American-made shoe leaves no question that it is a winner in the industry. And it also makes you a winner, even in the longest races you join. This shoe just so happens to be a high-mileage running shoe that provides durability and reliability through the long haul.

But how exactly does the 1122 do this? Its technologies play essential roles. These state-of-the-art innovations from beloved brand, New Balance, are surely all important components of the great shoe that the 1122 is.

Running Shoe Review : The Technologies behind New Balance 1122

Some of the best features of the 1122 are:

  • New Balance 1122 Medial Post
  • SL-2 Running Shoe Engineering Last
  • ENCAP Rubber
  • Rollbar for New Balance Midsole Support
New Balance 1122


The ABZORB SBS is a well-known running shoe technology linked to the New Balance name. This is a technology focused on providing great cushioning. The definition of great in this phrase is not just “soft and protective cushioning.” It also refers to cushioning that supports the shoe’s responsiveness instead of hamper it.

The ABZORB technology is one of New Balance’s best, and it is also the main reason why this shoe is more than just effective; it is amazing.

2. New Balance 1122 Medial Post

The New Balance 1122 is also equipped with the medial post. This refers to the block of polyurethane compression-molded EVA material located on the midsole, way to the arch side. This provides a good support for the arch and prevents pronation. This is the technology responsible for the shoe’s motion control benefits.

3. SL-2 Running Shoes Last

The SL-2 Last, also known as Slip Last-2, refers to the shoe’s engineering. The SL-2 Last construction is characterized by a heel width that is narrow and an instep height that is higher than normal. It also has a deep toe box and a wide forefoot area. This form of construction is not just by coincidence. It is the science of the SL-2 Last; it is perfectly and intricately designed that way to give you a great shoe that fits great, feels great, and works great as well.

4. ENCAP Rubber

The ENCAP technology refers to the use of ENCAP blown rubber in the construction of the shoe. The ENCAP blown rubber is a material used for the outsole. This is filled with air, thus the name “blown” rubber. This outsole material is great because it is lightweight and flexible. It adds both cushioning and durability to the shoe.

The outsole is very important; it bears much of the impact of your every stride and it also bears the wear and tear of use. That’s why this excellent rubber material helps make the shoe stronger and more protective, and also makes it all the more resistant to the hard wear the shoe is expected to meet outside.

5. Rollbar For Midsole New Balance Support

The 1122 from New Balance also uses the Rollbar technology. This shoe has a midsole wedge that is fully cushioned. This is the Rollbar technology, which is an effective weapon against overpronation. It gives motion control and helps keep you stable as you run.

New Balance 1122 Review : What Users are Saying

The New Balance 1122 is an excellent shoe, and a lot of runners know this. Its versatility takes it right into the fray of the running shoe competition. A lot of runners who have experienced running on the 1122 testify to its excellent performance and the perfect blend of control and cushioning.

A large number of these users also attested that the shoe did wonders for their pronation tendencies and thus, helped them give their best performance ever.

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