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Cheap Running Shoes that Fit Your Needs?
Nike, Asics, New Balance : It’s Possible!

Cheap running shoes don’t always refer to low-quality running shoes so if you're looking for cheap Nike running shoes, cheap Asics running shoes or discount New Balance no worries. Even the leading running shoe brands offer running shoes that can fit the more modest budgets. Running has always been a great and healthy sport that focused both on leisure and fitness, but some people have always treated running as an expensive hobby. If you are on a budget, you’d have to settle for a second-rate experience not enhanced by the many excellent technologies of the leading brands.

Well, the top brands like Asics, Nike, and New Balance say it doesn’t have to be expensive.

As a runner, running shoes play an important role in making you reach your maximum performance level and in keeping you safe from injuries. It is definitely unreasonable to skimp on running shoes if you really want to become a serious runner. But if your budget really limits you, then at least get cheap running shoes from the top brands.

Cheap Running Shoes from Top Brands

  • Cheap Asics running shoescheap running shoes
  • Cheap Nike running shoes
  • Cheap New Balance running shoes

1. Cheap Asics running shoes

Asics is definitely a market leader in the world of running shoes. Asics has always set its sights on the most serious runners, and these runners tend to have soaring expectations from their shoes. Asics meets these expectations with no problems, so you can expect top-of-the-line quality from every shoe. If you must have an Asics but are working within a budget, you’ll be glad to know that the Asics GT2150 is one of the cheap running shoes that come from this highly recognized brand. The shoe itself isn’t doing so bad in the reviews. It has, in fact, become a favorite for many runners and is named as one of the most popular shoes in the world.

The Asics GT2150 is available for around $75 to $95 in various stores. The shoe is available in men’s and women’s editions. The latest version comes with the DuoMax support system, Solyte midsole, Space Trusstic System, ComforDry sockliner, and Impact Guidance System for the perfect mix of cushioning and support. At its price, the Asics GT2150 is definitely one of the cheap running shoes you’ll be real proud to wear.

2. Cheap Nike running shoes

But if you happen to be a Nike fan, there are also some cheap running shoes you can buy without giving up your allegiance to the big Swoosh. Nike offers the Air Max Moto, which is now on its 7th edition, to Nike fans and runners on a budget. The Air Max Moto is the perfect fit for those looking for structured cushioning shoes with its supportive but well-cushioned ride.

The Air Max Moto comes with a Max Air unit cushioning system in the heel, a Nike Zoom unit plus a thick Duralon pad in the forefoot for impact absorption, and a full-length Nike Cushlon for midsole cushioning that resists wear and tear even with constant serious pounding against hard roads. All three help prevent your feet from suffering much strain when you run. It also has a Fitsole sockliner that conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot plus deep outsole grooves for flexibility. The outsole is also made of carbon rubber for certain durability so you won’t suffer from abrasion even in the area of the heel where the foot usually makes contact with the ground.

The entire package is available for only around $95 in the extra wide men’s version, and you can even use it with your iPod Nano and Nike+ sport kit so you can track your own runs like a personal trainer.

3. Cheap New Balance running shoes

If you prefer New Balance shoes, you also have some cheap running shoes with the best features to choose from. One of these is the New Balance 1064, the update to the world-famous 1063. The New Balance 1064 is not that expensive, but it is filled up to the brim with features. At an affordable price, you already get a neutral trainer with Absorb FL midsole cushioning, Stability Web arch support, N-ergy heel cushioning, Ndurance crash pad in the heel, Sure Lace closure system, dual-density Ortholite insert, forefoot flex grooves in the outsole, synthetic mesh upper, and Lightning Dry, LockDown, and Phantom Liner lining. All these features work together to provide ultimate shock absorption, just the right support, maximum comfort, reliable durability, and much-needed flexibility.

Consequences of Investing in Cheap Running Shoes from Untrusted Brands

There are a lot of unknown and untested brands that offer incredibly cheap running shoes models. Buying cheap running shoes from these brands can come with a lot of consequences you wouldn’t want to suffer. For one thing, shin, knee, or hip problems become very common in runners who use the wrong shoes or shoes that are not well-designed. Cheaper shoes from untrusted brands also tend to have thin soles and are less durable, so you won’t get maximum shock protection and will have to buy a new pair after just a few runs.

So don’t cross out the top brands from your list if you’re on a budget. Even Asics, Nike, and New Balance offers cheap running shoes you can count on.

Let us go even further and consider the foot type you have, in addition to the brand itself.

Running shoes in general are very hard to shop for; after all, you have to consider two important factors: your foot type and the cost of the shoe. This can, however, help narrow your choices down to a few, which can make the choice easier to make. To help you out, here’s a summary of the most affordable running shoes for various foot types.

Cheap Running Shoes in the Neutral Category

Cheap running shoes for neutral runners include:

  • Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3
  • Adidas adiZero Ace
  • Nike Air Pegasus 26

1. Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3

The Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3 is sold at a suggested retail price of $75, but you can buy it online for as low as $60 if you know where to look. This shoe is built for the neutral runner, with the right semi-curved and slip-last construction that can control neutral pronation. It also offers full-length midsole cushioning and gel cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot.

2. Adidas adiZero Ace

Another one of the cheap running shoes for neutral runners is the adiZero Ace by Adidas, which is sold at an SRP of $80. Updates for this model were released recently in 2009. For neutral pronation support, it features a lightweight midsole and a semi-curved Strobel-last construction. For cushioning, it features the adiPRENE insert in the heel and forefoot.

3. Nike Air Pegasus 26

This is one of the best running shoes for neutal runners, and surprisingly, it is priced at just around $85. With the classic fit and the full-length Air-sole unit of the Pegasus line, this new model offers more support and cushioning features such as a full-length Nike Rideliner, a gender-specific radiused crash pad, and a durable carbon rubber outsole.

Discounted Running Shoes in the Cushioning/Stability Category

Discount running shoes with stability and cushioning balance include:

  • Asics Gel-1140
  • New Balance 768
  • Adidas Response

1. Asics Gel-1140

The exclusive Asics Gel cushioning system at a cheap price? That’s what the Asics Gel-1140 offers you. This offer has been awarded with Runner’s World’s Best Buy Award. The Gel cushioning system is supported by a light SpEVA midsole, and a DuraSponge outsole for durability.

2. New Balance 768

The New Balance 768 can be bought for as low as $79 on some colors and sizes. For that price, you get an ActEVA midsole and ABZORB heel and forefoot cushioning, an N-Lock lacing system for a great fit, and a Stability Web to support your feet during the crucial midfoot stride.

3. Adidas Response

The Adidas Response can go for as low as $57, an amazing price indeed, given that it has most of Adidas’ best technologies. Some of these are adiPRENE lightweight cushioning, adiWEAR durable rubber outsole, ForMotion support for the critical midfoot flex stage in mid-stride, and a Torsion System for midfoot stabilization and arch support.

Cheap Running Shoes in the Motion Control Category

Cheap running shoes with motion control:

  • Asics Gel Foundation 8
  • Adidas adiFusion MC
  • Brooks Addiction 8

1. Asics Gel Foundation 8

The 8th edition of the Asics Gel Foundation was awarded with the Best Update by Runner’s World. The new Gel Foundation 8 is available at a price of $90, and at this price, you get the DuoMax motion control support system and with an extra touch of cushioning with the Gel Cushioning technology and a SpEVA midsole.

2. Adidas adiFusion MC

With the lowest price at $69, the Adidas adiFusion motion control shoe offers a smooth and comfortable ride despite its sturdy control system. It has a special sole cavity and a responsive adiPRENE cushioning for the forefoot

3. Brooks Addiction 8

For as low as $82, you can already get your hands on Brooks Addiction 8. The shoe comes with full-length MoGo cushioning and HydroFlow ST for the rearfoot and forefoot. For motion control, it offers the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar with high-density TPU Post for the medial arch.

Where to Find Cheap/Discounted Running Shoes that Meet Your Needs

It can be difficult to find cheap running shoes that specifically meet your needs when you shop at various stores. First of all, your choices will be limited to the stocks they have on hand, and there might not be enough to choose from. Aside from that, store prices are usually much higher. To find cheap running shoes and still have plenty of options for neutral, cushioning/stability, and motion control categories, you can shop online. A lot of online stores sell excellent shoe options for the runner in you.

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