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New Balance 810 Running Shoes
Starting a Trail Running Revolution

That extremely rugged and challenging terrain will feel like a smooth, paved road with the New Balance 810.

Serious and adventurous runners who run with a goal will definitely find a great companion in this shoe. This shoe can help you extend your boundaries and exceed your limits by opening up more trails and possibilities for you.

Even the roughest terrain now opens up to you with this powerful shoe that’s as adventurous as you are.

So if you are planning to reach new distances, no other shoe can take you where you want to go but the 810 from New Balance. Though it follows several previous models, the 810 started a new trail running revolution all by itself.

New Balance 810 Gears Up with Great Features

New Balance 810 The New Balance 810 uses only the finest and most durable materials and is engineered using the most advanced technologies.

Some main features include

  • New Balance 810 C-Cap Cushioning
  • Absorb Heel Running Shoes Tecnology
  • Special 810 Flexibility Features

1. New Balance 810 C-Cap Cushioning

Starting with the midsole, the shoe uses New Balance’s proprietary C-Cap cushioning.This system uses only lightweight compression-molded EVA to make it fully cushioned and protective, while still maintaining the shoe’s flexibility.

Aside from the midsole cushioning, the shoe also has a GEL cushioning system all throughout the footbed for enhanced cushioning so that even the hardest trails will feel like clouds to your feet. This special cushioning system also absorbs most of the impact that your foot will otherwise bear with every heavy step you take.

2. ABZORB EX Heel Running Shoes Technology

Aside from cushioning, the New Balance 810 uses a special ABZORB EX heel technology, another cushioning feature that helps the shoe tackle even the most rugged trails.

The ABZORB technology can also be found in the forefoot for all-around protection. New Balance 810 is also equipped with the premier N-Durance outsole technology, which gives it the fortitude it needs to withstand whatever challenges you take it to face. The outsole also protects your foot as well as the shoe itself to make it long-wearing. But aside from this technology, the outsole is also built with the special AT Tread system.

This involves the use of running and trail lugs to make sure that you can take the shoe from on-road and off-road runs. The New Balance 810 also has an internal shank that works effectively to support the midfoot and to offer flex control.

3. Special 810 Features For Flexiblity

Aside from that, the synthetic mesh upper also adds to the shoe’s appeal, making sure that the shoe fits the foot snugly and prevents irritation by being flexible, soft to the skin, and breathable.

The upper also plays a crucial role in providing support for the foot.

Other features include N-Lock, ACTEVA, Rock Stop, Stability Web, and Toe Protect. With all these features found in just one shoe, what more should you be looking for?

New Balance 810 Fulfills Runner’s Desires

The New Balance 810, due to the success of its predecessor, the 809, was highly awaited when it wasn’t introduced yet.

And when it was finally released, trail runners all flocked to the stores and got themselves a great new shoe, which opened up doors for them. The 810 is a significant update to the 809. It has a lighter weight, provides some support, and provides enhanced cushioning. On top of that, it also looks great.

They also fit greatly and can take on any type of terrain, no matter what kind of new challenges you feel inclined to face.A lot of runners also liked the shoe particular for its narrow width and large sizes, which fits more runners. On the whole, the shoe gets an average rating of 4 out of 5, but some adventurous runners seem to have found their heart’s desire and gave the shoe perfect ratings.

This just shows that this shoe is indeed a masterpiece.

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