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New Balance 790
Running Shoes Built for Speed

The creators of New Balance running shoes hit the jackpot with the speedy New Balance 790.

Built for speed, this shoe is light, responsive, and has an impressive design.

Though not the best shoe for those looking for a stack of features, this shoe’s being stripped down to the basics is a delight to runners who value speed more than anything else.

This is a favorite shoe of racers, despite its lack of cushioning.

. It mostly focuses on enhancing your speed and sending you on your fastest run.

What the New Balance 790 is For

New Balance 790 There is one secret that is key to the success of the

New Balance 790 ( Click Here ) as a racing shoe.

The 790 stands out :

  • Very light weight of New Balance 790
  • Excellent for natural running surface

1. Very Light Weight

The 790 from New Balance has its own group of followers, thanks to its very light weight of only 8 ounces. With that breakthrough light weight, this shoe is obviously designed to go with you as you ride with the wind. It is considerably lighter than most other speed-oriented shoes.

2. With the 790 Shoes : Fairly Level and Smooth Natural Surfaces Needed

However, it is undeniable that the light weight somehow sacrificed some aspects that most runners look for in shoes.For example, this is not the best shoe for you if you are looking for a cushioning shoe or a shoe that provides motion control.

Better not take this shoe when you are to go running on rough terrain. It’s clear that this shoe is not the most ideal shoe for demanding trail or off-road runs, but it can get you to the finish line fast if that’s where you’re headed.

Just make sure that the shoe stays on fairly level and smooth natural surfaces, and you’ll do just perfectly.

Features of the New Balance 790

Though the shoe is fairly minimalist, especially when compared to other full-featured running shoes proliferating the industry, it still has a lot of features that make it one great racing shoe despite its lack of support and cushioning present in most running shoes.

It features a low-level construction, which means that your foot is placed really close to the ground to give you a natural gait. On top of that, the shoe is very responsive and adheres to your foot’s movement so as not to hamper your quick strides.

Natural movement is very important when you need to gather speed, and any unnecessary limitations or weight should be taken away.

That’s exactly the kind of thing that the New Balance 790 can provide. But it does not just cover your feet and leave them to do the job. This great shoe from New Balance also helps enhance your speed and performance using special technologies.

It features the popular ACTEVA midsole, which is one of New Balance’s proprietary technologies.

Though not designed as a cushioned shoe and provides minimum cushioning, the shoe still comes with the featherweight ACTEVA cushioning to provide just the right level of protection to keep your feet safe. The ACTEVA system also enhances the durability of the shoe so that you and your pair can cross many finish lines together.

Aside from the ACTEVA midsole, the shoe also comes with the Rock Stop TPU plate and a tread pattern on the outsole. This pattern is very crucial to the stronger grip of the shoe and its flexibility.Also, the shoe has a breathable air mesh upper that’s also lightweight.

Why Runners Buy the New Balance 790

Reviewers and users alike love the fact that this shoe is a basic racing shoe.

With all the great technologies in the world of running shoes nowadays, it is hard to find a shoe that’s just built specifically for running and takes away all the unnecessary baggage.

The best thing about the shoe, which is also the reason why it is a bestseller even though it is one of the least feature-packed shoes around, is that it is a great speed shoe.

It gives you the freedom to run your fastest and even gives you a boost forward. However, that’s not the only reason why the

New Balance 790 ( Click Here ) is much-liked.

A lot of wearers of the shoe, if you ask them, would say that they fell in love with the shoe not only for the benefits it provides but also for its very appealing style.

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