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Brooks Running Shoes
Trust the Brooks Shoes from An Industry Pioneer

No doubt, the Brooks running shoes are well-loved by runners worldwide. Brooks shoes is a leading company that has dedicated itself to the running industry.

As other brands extend their expertise to creating various product extensions, Brooks remains focused and devoted. With the aim of bringing the world of running to the fore of technology with their central manufacturing of running footgear and apparel.

Brooks operate as a subsidiary of the larger Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Their base of operations is located at Bothell , Washington, where they have a central headquarters where most of their innovations in running footgear technology were born.

Brooks have been in operation since 1941, and you can expect that it now has a lot of products backed by numerous proprietary running footgear technologies.

These technologies are pioneered by Brooks' highly credible team of engineers, scientists, and professionals in biomechanics, who are all after just one thing: to provide the perfect running shoe for every one of you.

The Reputation and Reviews that the Brooks Running Shoes Has Built

brooks running shoes Advanced Running Shoe Technology

Running shoes from Brooks have the kind of quality that speaks for itself. Incorporating the most advanced technologies into their running shoes, Brooks has managed to create outstanding running shoes that does not just protect the feet but also runs and performs with you.

Brooks has built its reputation as a trusted manufacturer of running shoes due to the superior products they offer in various product lines.

They have shoes that respond to every runner's needs, which led to people's great faith in their products.

Special Features

Their reputation is also greatly helped by their proprietary inventions such as their flagship platforms, the Linear, Universal, and Curved platforms, all biomechanically designed to fit runner's needs.


They also came up with the HydroFlow FLX for advanced cushioning, and the popular Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or EVA, the ultimate and highly durable material for the midsole. Now, the special EVA material is used not only by Brooks but even by the company's competitors. Now, that's some way to make a difference to the running world.

Overpronation Control

The company also forged the Diagonal Rollbar especially for overpronators, the Podular Technology, the Substance 257, the e-Fusion, the patented HVAC, Aireplex, and Vapor Dry – all highly beneficial technologies geared towards building the runner's ultimate shoe.

Brooks Running Shoes to Choose From

.Brooks running shoes are categorized into six product lines, each one representing a special needs category.

Brooks Neutral Running Shoes

The first category consists of neutral running shoes, which blends cushioning and flexibility together.

One famous shoe in this series is the Defyance, which was even named as Runner's World's Editor's Choice shoe.This is great for neutral runners with its snug and biomechanically efficient fit.

Brooks Guidance Shoes

The next category is Guidance, for those who need gentle guidance for foot movement. One notable shoe in this category is the Infiniti, which comes with the special forefoot MoGo for a plush feel. It is designed to control mild pronation.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 (Click Here)

Brooks Support Running Shoes

The next category is the Support category, represented by the popular Adrenaline GTS 8, another Runner's World Best Buy awardee.

This is considered a great stabile shoe that provides the sure support of the PDRB technology along with the cushioning of MoGo.

Motion Control

But for those who need very specific motion control, they will find what they're looking for from the Control category exampled by the Addiction 8. This category is targeted to overpronators. The Addiction 8 is packed with MoGo cushioning and a widened Linear platform for rigid support while you run.

Brooks Trail Shoes

And if you need shoes for special purposes, you can also rely on Brooks. They have an entire line each of Trail shoes and Competition shoes.

Their Trail shoes are weather-resistant and can take on the off-roads, while their Competition shoes are equipped with racing weapons such as track spikes and more to help you snuff out other runners.

Runner's World chose the Cascadia 3 trail shoes as its Spring 2008's Editor's Choice.

It has the special Pivot Posting System that can help maintain your stability even on rough surfaces and the Ballistic Rock Shield to help protect your shoe from rocks and other obstacles you come across.

Brooks Competition Running Shoe

Their best bet in the Competition category, on the other hand, is the Z2, a track spike backed by special engineering to help you win on that big day.

Whatever type of runner's foot you may have, or whatever type of running you need, you'll surely find your perfect pair of Brooks running shoes.

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