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New Balance 587
Top New Balance Motion Control Running Shoe

New Balance 587 is a shoe that every runner should know about. Every runner undergoes the training phrase; this is a big must. Just as training is a must, the 587 is also a must in training.

This shoe is a great training companion, combining excellent features with the New Balance mark on them.

This shoe is well-recommended for runners planning to go on an arduous training.

The shoe is also specifically constructed to withstand the weight of heavy runners. The shoe also comes in various sizes and widths to fit a wide range of runners.

Also, if you are suffering from pronation, this shoe can help solve your problem. It has the special Rollbar system, supported by Medial and Lateral TPU posts that control motion and keep you steady.

This means that flat-footed runners will also find this shoe quite beneficial.

New Balance 587 Review : What It Offers

New Balance 587 Some of the notable features of the New Balance 587 are:

  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Dependable New Balance 587 Support
  • Reliable Durability

1. Excellent 587 Cushioning

The New Balance 587 is equipped with New Balance’s proprietary cushioning breakthrough: the ABZORB technology. This technology provides good cushioning in the forefoot and heel sections, the areas which bear most of the brunt when you run. The technology is created to provide great shock absorption to give ample protection for your feet.

But with the forefoot and the heel well-protected, what about the midfoot area?

That’s no problem for the 587 from New Balance. The shoe provides sufficient protection for the midfoot area with the special C-CAP midsole. With these two cushioning technologies, there is no doubt that your feet will be perfectly snug while you’re running.

2. Dependable Support

Cushioning can come in excess in some shoes, and sometimes, the effect is quite the opposite of beneficial. An excessively soft shoe with excessive cushioning will hamper your performance instead of help you out. So New Balance combines cushioning with a sufficient support system such as the ENCAP midsole, a technology that supports the foot when you run. The heel also has an external counter reinforce to provide even more stability.

Flat-footed runners are prone to overpronation, and this extra movement easily causes the midsole to collapse. But with the TPU posts, the shoe’s midsole resists collapse and keeps you free from overpronation for a long time. The Rollbar is actually quite popular among severe overpronators, just as the New Balance 587 is.

But support can also be quite uncomfortable in some running shoes. Fortunately, the 587 running shoe also values your comfort. To keep your feet comfortable, the shoe comes with a synthetic/mesh upper that provides a comfortable feel as it wraps around your feet. The upper is also highly breathable, ensuring that your feet are cool and comfortable even as you drive them on.

3. Reliable New Balance 587 Durability

The New Balance 587 is also built with maximum durability for long-lasting comfort and benefits. And no matter how far you take the shoe, with its solid rubber outsole, it promises durability even if you’ve been wearing the shoe for a long time. The solid outsole will protect the shoe from hard wear and the impact it receives from exposure to all kinds of terrains. Aside from that, the shoe uses the SL-2 last, or Slip-Last 2.

New Balance 587 On the Whole

The New Balance 587 is part of New Balance’s popular Heritage running shoe collection. It is specifically designed as a trainer and is targeted towards runners who need motion control with a little bit of cushioning and stability features. The shoes come in a widely appealing style, complete with nighttime reflective accents.

It seems that New Balance has taught of everything that overpronators need, resulting in a very versatile and effective running shoe that actual users have already attested to. If you experience overpronation and supination, this shoe can just hold the key to keep you training your best so you will eventually reach your running goals.

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