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Running Shoes with an Out-of-this-World Quality

Saucony shoes are tried and tested footgear praised for their great Saucony running shoes features.

Named after the Saucony creek in Pennsylvania, the Saucony shoe manufacturing company is one of the longest-running companies in the industry.

Ever since the company was born in 1906, Saucony has continued a never-ending tradition of great products. A few years after it was established, the company already gained a wide segment of the market and won them over as loyal customers. From specializing in shoes for kids, they quickly expanded to a larger range of products.

Best of all, the company also received the highest acclaim of having produced the footwear used by the 1960 NASA astronauts. Such an opportunity propelled the company to new heights, those that exceeded worldly status because, after all, they designed the boot that made that monumental first step in space.

An Impressive History of Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony Running Shoes Saucony running shoes were first brought to life in 1968, and since then, it has been the preferred brand of certain, very serious runners :

  • The Saucony Running Shoes success
  • Innovation Saucony shoe rewards

1. The Saucony Running Shoes Success

The running shoes became the lifeblood of Saucony’s business. They won the company the Best Quality award of a certain magazine back in 1977. Following the continuous acclaims that the company received, the rest of their success came easy.

And now, still alive and kicking in a very competitive running industry, the company continues to make a difference in runner’s lives with the shoes that they produce.

2. International Best Innovation Shoe Award

The credibility of the company is unquestionable, and there are several reasons why.

These reasons come in the form of much sought after awards such as Runner’s World magazine’s Editor’s Choice award and International Best Innovation award. The Independent Running Retailers Association also recognized the company as Vendor of the Year and also named running shoes from Saucony Product of the Year.

These accolades sure speak louder in proving that this company and the shoes it provides are more than just outstanding.

A Series of Firsts from Saucony Shoes

Saucony running shoes did not become famous for no reason at all. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why. Saucony’s name has been widely associated with several breakthroughs in the world of running footgear technology.

The company is involved in the creation of the first slip lasted running shoe and the molded EVA dual-density midsole during the 1980s. It also opened up new possibilities thanks to its numerous proprietary technologies, starting with the special GRID cushioning system. This system was designed by Saucony to provide superior cushioning that does not affect stability.

This technology is also biomechanically harmonious to the movements of the body during a run as well as the effects of your strides to your entire body.

When you run, your foot lands on the shoe, the heel will transmit a force all the way up to your ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. Running shoes from Saucony will help protect you from these impacts by providing a bouncy cushioning system.The company also came up with the Instep Support Device, which provides support for the arch especially during the crucial phases of your running cycle.

Saucony running shoes are also equipped with HRC or High Rebound Compound in the forefoot, which are great shock absorbers that play a critical role in your performance and safety.

Another breakthrough is the company’s Arch-Lock technology, which provides maximum control for your arch. Aside from that, Saucony also uses the concept of Custom Ride Management in producing their running shoes. CRM aims to give runners the free wheel in choosing the perfect blend of support and cushioning that fits their feet and needs perfectly.

Under this concept, the company released shoes with light, responsive, and durable cushioning, as well as moderate and ultimate stability. These types of shoes take into consideration the preferences of runners and their level of pronation.

Saucony Running Shoes to Choose From

If you are decided on looking for a Saucony running shoe for you, first, you have to decide what kind of shoe you need.

Saucony offers integrated training shoes, cushioned running shoes, motion control running shoes, off-road running shoes, and indoor or fitness running shoes.

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