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The Sound Asics Shoes for a Sound Run

Asics running shoes can provide a performance as superior as yourseIf. Asics shoes is a very well-known provider of running shoes as is its quality..

Although not as popular worldwide as a sports apparel manufacturer, the brand is a legend among experienced runners.

The brand name is taken from the phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which is Latin for “a sound mind in a sound body.” The brand name is, in itself, a philosophy that can be detected in the top-quality products that the company produces.

Their shoes are best known for sound construction and technological advances geared towards improving the soundness of your run.

Also, the company prides itself on its technologies all oriented around the human body, so that their products will be a perfect fit for every runner.

How Asics Running Shoes Started

asics running shoes Asics running shoes were first introduced in 1949, the year when the company was formally inaugurated.

It first started out as Onitsuka Co., Ltd., an athletic footwear company based in Kobe, Japan , rooted by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka. The Asics brand name was formally adopted in 1977.

In 1990, a fully powered research institute was opened. The institute included an all-weather running track as well as basketball and volleyball courts. These were all dedicated for testing and research, from which sparked their highly capable products.

The company also employs not just expert footgear engineers but real coaches as well to help gain valuable insight into the sports they provide footwear for. The company considers every movement of the body while a person is running when it creates Asics running shoes designed to empower the wearer.

From the very start, the company thrived on its philosophy centered on total harmony between the mind and the body, which aids in transcending running from an ordinary sport to an enriching experience. The company still operates on the same values until today.

Asics Reviews : Finding the Asics Shoes for You

These are our top picks for Asics running shoes, for the fall/autumn of 2009 :

Asics Gel Kayano (Click Here)

Overall Rating:

Asics Gel Kayano 16

  • With the legendary Kayano series, Asics has pushed the limits of footgear technology by creating a fantastic mix of features that offered both comfort and control for neutral runners.
  • The newest version, the 16th is a nice upgrade from the previous one while keeping its core concept and support
  • This superb shoe is sometimes sold out in some sizes at prime locations due to its popularity.
  • From our tests, the best prices for the Gel Kayano is normally through Zappos.

Asics Gel Kayano (Click Here)

Asics GT 2150 (>> click here <<)

Overall Rating:

Asics GT 2150

  • The GT 2150 is sold under the Structured Cushioning product line consisting mostly of Asics running shoes that offer a comfortable combination of motion control and cushioning.
  • In whatever way you look at it, the Asics GT 2150 is one of the best products around, and the reviews and ratings also say so.
  • The DuoMax technology uses two different midsole materials for a more rigid support and gives a fantastic running feel.

Asics GT 2150 (>> click here <<)

Visit Now - Click Here (mens)

Overall Rating:

Asics Gel Nimbus 11

  • The 11th Nimbus has to compete for attention among its predecessors and the more advanced editions. But thanks to its excellent mishmash of features, mostly built on the special footgear science that only Asics has conquered, the Nimbus 11 certainly stands above the rest.
  • The shoe also has the essential IGS or Impact Guidance System, with its exclusive linked componentry, which promotes optimal gait to help your feet move naturally.
  • It also features an advanced Space Trusstic System, which encourages midsole deformation for better speed and performance.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 11 (>>Click Here<<)

Want more in depth info ? No problem !

.Due to its years of research, Asics now offer an extensive list of products for different types of runners in different locations and with different running styles and foot types. Running shoes from Asics fall into seven different categories, namely :

  • GEL-Kinsei,
  • GEL-Kinetic,
  • Structured Cushioning,
  • Cushioning,
  • Maximum Support,
  • Trail,
  • Racing shoes.

In each category, there are Asics running shoes for men and women.

1. Gel-Kinsei Shoes

The GEL-Kinsei shoes offer a great structure that fits well and provides a stable ride. These shoes come with a cushioned platform for comfort and flexibility. The GEL-Kinetic shoes have solid construction and are equipped with shock absorbers for runners who have neutral pronation while they run.

2. Asics Structured Cushioning Line

The Structured Cushioning line, however, is great for runners who pronate more than the usual. Asics offers several shoes with enhanced cushioning such as the GEL-Kayano 14/15, GEL-3000, GEL-DS Trainer, GT-2130, GEL-1130, and GEL-105.

3. Shock-Absorbing Asics Shoes for Underpronators

On the other side, underpronators will benefit a lot from the shock-absorbing Cushioning line of running shoes from Asics. Geared with superior shock attenuation, the best cushioning shoes include the GEL-Nimbus 10/11, GEL-Kushon, GEL-Cumulus 10, GEL-Landreth 4, GEL-Speedstar 3, GEL-Stratus 2.1, GEL-Fluent, GEL-Frantic, GEL-Equation 2, GEL-Kanbarra 3, GEL-Maverick 2, and the GEL-Strike.

4. Asics Running Shoes for Overpronators

And to help runners with extreme conditions, Asics also offer an entire line of running shoes for overpronators. Excessive pronation while running can be dangerous and can even limit a runner. To get rid of these limitations, Asics provides the GEL-Evolution 4, GEL-Foundation 8, and the GEL-Fortitude.

5. Asics Trail Shoes

Asics also offers shoes great for trail and off-road runs such as the GEL-Trail Sensor 2 WR, GEL-Trabuco 11 WP and WR, GEL-2130 Trail, Gel 2140, GEL-Arctic WR 2, GEL-Trail Attack 4 WR, GEL-Kahana 2, and GEL-Enduro 4.

6. The Asics Racers

Finally, there are also Asics shoes for serious racers such as the Piranha SP, GEL-Bandito, and GEL-Hyper Speed 2.

As a runner, you'll surely find your perfect fit only from Asics.

The Role that Asics Running Shoes Play

In the running industry, Asics play an important role, as attested to by expert shoe reviewers and experienced runners.

Asics is known as one of the most focused running shoe providers in the industry. Their running shoes pioneer latest technological advances in gear production for runners and are always included in various lists of best rating running shoes. The GEL-Kinsei was even named Gear of the Year by Buyer's Guide in 2006. When you read reviews, you are sure to find a lot of great reviews for Asics products.

That's proof enough that as a runner, you should definitely have your Asics.

Still not sure, check out the bestsells at low prices expert store.


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