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New Balance 1060 Running Shoes
An Inspired Creation by New Balance

In the tradition of providing running shoes fit for various needs, New Balance presents the New Balance 1060, yet another valued addition to their wide range of running shoes that has won recognition all over the world.

Taking inspiration from past models and feedback from valued customers, the company was able to build shoes that made a difference to runners in the way that they meet specific needs. That’s what the designers had in mind when they created this running expert, the New Balance 1060.

The neutral runner will finally found his perfect pair, thanks to the New Balance 1060. The shoe is known for its great cushioning and very flexible performance. For a combination of benefits that meet in the middle, this shoe ensures that the foot gets the support and the cushioning that it needs.

Because of the way it was engineered, the shoe is highly recommended for runners with medium to high arches and those with medium to large builds.

Contributors to New Balance 1060’s Success

New Balance 1060 New Balance uses several technologies that New Balance has pioneered. Things you may love about the New Balance 1060 is :

  • The 1060 cushioning system
  • Its comfort and flexibility for injury control
  • The excellent New Balance 1060 fit
  • And roomy forefoot support

1. New Balance Cushioning

The first technology worth mentioning is the ABZORB SBS, one of New Balance’s proudest creations. The ABZORB technology is New Balance’s most popular technological innovation in the world of running shoes. This is a breakthrough foam cushioning system that is found in most New Balance running shoes. The technology itself gave birth to three other variants, namely the ABZORB EX, ABZORB DTS, and the ABZORB SBS.

These features are distributed to various New Balance shoes, depending on what is necessary. And for the New Balance 1060, a full-length ABZORB SBS was added. This technology is focused on providing superior shock absorption that does not sacrifice comfort and flexibility.

2. New Balance 1060 : Comfort and Flexibility

It also ensures that the cushioning is fitted well against your foot. This allows the shoe to perfectly protect the foot from impact and injury as you go for miles and miles. In addition to strategic cushioning, another one of the very insightful and strategic technologies incorporated into this shoe is the N-Lock straps. Although the shoe is first and foremost a cushioning shoe, it is also provided with this technology to give a little support for runners.

3. Excellent Running Shoe Fit

The straps are wrapped around the shoe to give runners a secure and snug fit. This technology features a tight and snug lacing and webbing system, one of the shoe sciences that New Balance focuses greatly on. This is one of the technologies mostly present in shoes that are designed to provide motion control. It ensures that the foot stays in a steady position and that the shoe and the foot are one. This way, you can run your best and fastest without worrying about anything.

Unsecure fit can also put you at risk of meeting injuries, so the N-Lock straps offer protection as well. The midfoot is also well-protected by an arch bridge. Aside from that, the shoe has an open mesh upper that allows free ventilation and is very flexible and responsive.

4. Roomy Forefoot for Maximum Comfort

This makes the shoe very comfortable and not irritable when you wear it. You can also take this shoe where you want to go, with its N-Durance outsole which supplies the shoe with the strength and durability it requires to keep up with your running aspirations. Even if you run on high-wear trails, the shoe won’t let you down.To top that, the shoe also has a roomy forefoot for maximum comfort.

This makes the shoe suitable even for wide-footed runners.

What Users Like about the New Balance 1060

Various users of the New Balance 1060 have their own favorites among the features of the well-loved shoe.

Some users value the unique lacing system above other features; others have great praise for the breathable uppers and the roominess of the shoe. Wearers of the shoe also noticed benefits to their ankles and knees, which means that the shoe is biomechanically engineered to ease the impact received by the body.

The great reviews and ratings of the shoe go a long way, but actual experience is able to convince a large number of users to keep on buying this shoe again and again.

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