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New Balance 767
Running Shoes for a Stable and Cushioned Ride

In their continuous quest to create perfect running shoes that fit very specific runner’s needs, New Balance has once again released a great shoe in the New Balance 767.

This shoe follows, or replaced to be more exact, the 766, its predecessor.

Significant changes were made to the shoe, which was even named as Best Update by Runner’s World. This shoe offers a steady cushioned ride as you run to make sure that even your trail runs or races are practically effortless.

With the great features of the shoe, you can just enjoy the experience of running as you go along.

The shoe is built for a specific type of runner, so it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. But for runners with medium builds and low to medium arches, this shoe will sure do the trick.

The 767 can even improve their performance and give them a more exhilarating experience.

Trademark Technologies in the New Balance 767

New Balance 767 The New Balance 767 is complete with excellent technologies that are the trademark of the New Balance brand.

A few main characteristics of the 767 :

  • New Balance 767 midsole support
  • Abzorb cushioning system
  • Pronation control

1. Midsole Support

The shoe uses the special New Balance midsole material, the ACTEVA, which has a greater cell size consistency and a lower density of cellular foam.

The ACTEVA midsole material improves the durability of the shoe and at the same time, provides light cushioning. ACTEVA is a great technology from New Balance. It is known to be about 12% lighter than the standard midsole foaming that used in most other shoes.

2. Cushioning System, ABZORB

The light weight, however, does not affect the level of cushioning provided. The ACTEVA cushioning also comes with Dupont Engage for added longevity.

The second great technology with first-class benefits incorporated into the New Balance 767 is the special cushioning system, ABZORB, another technology engineered by New Balance.

This technology has been added to soften the impact caused by your demanding footfalls.

The heel and the forefoot are padded with full-length Strobel board. The ABZORB foam cushions absorb the shock and shifts the energy of your strike.

3. Pronation Control

And to provide an overall benefit, if there’s cushioning, there should also be support and pronation control. The shoe has New Balance’s TS2 technology, which stands for Transitional Support System.

This system helps smooth the transition of your feet’s movement during the crucial moments in a gait cycle. And for a more powerful support, the shoe also has a Stability Web and an N-Lock, both working together to sustain the midfoot.

As for the outsole, the material used is solid rubber and blown rubber. Evidently, with the help of such materials, your shoe can withstand rough terrains and various weather conditions.

What to Love about New Balance 767

The most loved factor about the 767 from New Balance is its comfortable fit.

Thanks to this, users are able to feel right at home with the shoes from the first moment they put it on. Some users gave two thumbs up to the shoe because it required almost no wear in time. That’s how comfortable this shoe is. A lot of users, most of them experienced runners, also loved the fact that the shoe helped ease the impact they suffer in various parts of their bodies.

The shoe’s structure helps it protect you from knee fatigue and distributes shock to various parts of the body so as not to wear you out.

Also, you can choose from a wide variety of color schemes, so you can find the one that best suits your style.

This variety captures more buyers for the New Balance 767. Aside from that, the 767 gets additional scores by being made in the USA, which spells certain differences for some runners.

Based on the feedback of users and their repeat purchases, this shoe is undoubtedly one of the best shoes around. Ask a company representative and you will find out firsthand just how important the 767 is to the New Balance business of running shoes.

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