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Asics Gel Evolution
Excellent Engineering in a Motion Control Shoe for Maximum Support

The Asics Gel Evolution is the most effective and strategically engineered running shoe that Asics came up with. The shoe falls under the motion control running shoe category and is available for both male and female runners.

The shoe is a popular model among overpronators who require some control from their shoes. The structure of the Evolution running shoe is designed especially for these runners.

On top of that, the shoe provides features that ensure comfort and stability even as the shoes correct pronation.

Why the Asics Gel Evolution Is Worth Checking Out

Some of the best features of the Asics Gel Evolution are:       

  • Asics Natural Foot Motion Guidance
  • Just the Right Amount of Cushioning
  • A Perfect Gel Evolution Fit

1. Asics Natural Foot Motion Guidance

As a motion control shoe, the Evolution’s specialty is to provide sufficient guidance for your foot to avoid overpronation. The shoe does this without hampering the optimal movement of your feet. This support system is Asics’ own, the DuoMax Support System.

It is also supported by another one of the most popular Asics technologies in running shoe creation. Aside from the DuoMax, the Asics Gel Evolution is also equipped with the I.G.S., or Impact Guidance System. This system is a very effective system that guides the foot through a fluid transition starting from heel strike to the moment of toe off while maintaining the foot’s natural gait cycle.

2. Just the Right Amount of Cushioning

Asics Gel EvolutionThe Asics Gel Evolution is also a very unique product. In fact, instead of the regular GEL Cushioning of most other Asics Gel running shoes, the Gel Evolution uses the Twist GEL Cushioning technology, a considerable upgrade of the regular GEL Cushioning system. This change makes the Evolution a good motion control shoe that still provides just the right amount of cushioning as protection for your feet against shock and impact. The GEL cushions are found mainly at the important parts of the shoe, particularly the heel and the forefoot.

This cushioning system also involves a Solyte-based midsole. Solyte happens to be a very light material, lighter even than standard EVA midsole material used in most other running shoes, that you’d barely feel it’s there. But it is there, providing protection and comfort for your runners. As for the outsole, the shoe uses carbon rubber material, for purposes of shock absorption and also for added durability.

3. A Perfect Gel Evolution Fit

The shoe also has features that help it fit perfectly, so you can focus on your run without having to worry about uncomfortable shoes and the possibility of running into injuries. First, the shoe has biomorphic fit uppers for a snug and secure fit that still provides enough room for your feet’s natural gait. These uppers work in support of the motion control system of the shoe.

Aside from that, the shoe also has the Maximum Support Space Trusstic System, a more advanced version of Asics’ celebrated Trusstic System and Space Trusstic System, well-known, gender-specific technologies that allow shoes to work in perfect harmony with your feet.

The Space Trusstic System covers the shoe from the back to the heel, but the newly improved Maximum Support Space Trusstic System provides support and comfort from the back to the midfoot area all the way to the front. An outsole wrap was also added.

Asics Gel Evolution Review : The Verdict

There are several different versions of the Asics Gel Evolution running shoe. Recently, the Gel Evolution 3 garnered praise for its considerable improvements as compared to its predecessors.

With enhanced features, the shoe is now one of the best motion control shoes around. However, the Gel Evolution line has recently welcomed another member, the Asics Gel Evolution 4, which was named Runner’s World’s Editor’s Choice. When it comes to maximum support, this is definitely the shoe that you are looking for.

The running community is more than just lucky to have this shoe, which caters to the very specific needs of a number of racers and runners with pronation problems. Now, even players who are facing this challenge can run their best, with the Gel Evolution.

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