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Asics Gel Kushon
Superior Cushioning for Shock Protection

The Asics Gel Kushon is one of the best running shoe that provides great cushioning for both male and female runners. The Gel Kushon is part of the GEL Cushioning shoe series from Asics. Based on its name alone, the shoe is obviously made to provide superior cushioning more than any other.

However, cushioning is not its only suit. The Asics Gel Kushon provides not just cushioning but also shock absorption, a great fit, and an unfailing stability. All these are made possible by the revolutionary engineering that went into the creation of this great shoe.

***spot1a.shtml*** It was an effective creation, too, seeing as the shoe is now one of the most esteemed running shoes when it comes to cushioning for foot protection.

What the Asics Gel Kushon Running Shoes Is All About

Asics Gel Kushon Some of the notable attributes of Asics Gel Kushon are:

  • Cushioning: The Ultimate Running Shoe Ingredient
  • Gel Kushon Shock Protection Made Even Better
  • Asics Long-lasting Durability

1. Cushioning: The Ultimate Running Shoe Ingredient

The ultimate ingredient that led to the success of the Asics Gel Kushon is its top-quality cushioning that provides excellent protection and comfort for your feet.

The cushioning in the Gel Kushon is provided by Asics’ GEL Cushioning System, which is found in the forefoot and the rearfoot. This cushioning system uses high-quality and highly effective silicone gels that are found in strategic areas, especially the areas that bear the most impact such as the forefoot and the rearfoot.

This puts a cushion around all areas of your feet to protect you from shock and impact, and of course, foot safety equates to maximum performance and great running power. With such security for your feet, the Kushon can help you give your best to your run.

2. Gel Kushon Shock Protection Made Even Better

To take shock protection to the next level, aside from the GEL Cushioning Systems, the Gel Kushon is also equipped with compression-molded EVA in the midsole.

This strategic location helps the feet go smoothly from heel strike to toe off and helps maintain the foot’s natural gait through this cycle. This is also supported by Gel Kushon’s Trusstic System, which perfectly connects the rearfoot and the forefoot. This system is another one of Asics’ famous technologies. The biggest benefit of this system is the natural transition between rearfoot and forefoot that it provides to every step you take.

3. Asics Long-lasting Durability

The Asics Gel Kushon is also one highly durable shoe. It features excellent cushioning material that can withstand force and impact without getting worn out for a long time. The shoe also uses the AHAR Heel Plug, another proprietary feature from Asics. The heel has a high abrasion resistant rubber material that resists wear and tear.

The heel, as all runners know, bears much of the brunt when you run, and a highly durable heel will help you stay with your shoe for a long time. Buying new shoes every so often can be such a hassle for runner, especially since most shoes require a breaking in period. But once you’ve found your perfect shoe in the Asics Gel Kushon, you can keep it for a long time, thanks to the durability of this highly respected shoe.

Asics Gel Kushon Review: Cream of the Crop in Cushioning

The Asics Gel Kushon is part of the cream of the crop in the world of cushioned running shoes. These are all great shoes for shock-absorption and protection for the foot. Asics has a lot of cushioning shoes. Some are designed to provide structured cushioning, while some focus more on cushioning that protects from shock.

The Gel Kushon belongs to the ranks of the Gel Cumulus, Gel Landreth, Gel Speedstar, Gel Stratus, and Gel Strike. These shoes are all beneficial and are a great fit for underpronators who need a lot of cushioning that attenuates shock.

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