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Asics Mens Running Shoes
State-of-the-Art Running Shoes for Male Runners

The wide assortment of Asics mens running shoes available in the market will surely help you go far.

If you ask any experienced runner, he’d be sure to tell you that Asics is a brand that can be trusted.

Born out of the philosophy that running is an overall experience that strengthens both the mind and the body and requires the soundness of both, men’s running shoes from Asics are created with special technology geared towards not only providing protection for men’s feet but also to boost a runner’s entire body for a better run.

Asics is also known for their technology which recognizes the differences between men’s and women’s running styles and movement patterns. They even employ gender-specific technologies that make their men’s running shoes an even perfect fit for every male runner.

Male runners are also highly adventurous and face up to even the most demanding runs, and the running shoes especially designed for them by Asics can accompany them every step of the way.

Excellent Series of Asics Mens Running Shoes

asics mens running Asics Mens Categories

Men’s running shoes from Asics come in four major categories. These are

  • Structured Cushioning men’s running shoes,
  • Neutral and Cushioned men’s running shoes,
  • Motion Control men’s running shoes,
  • and lastly, the Lightweight and Racing men’s running shoes.

These four categories capture the four major types of needs that men runners have.

1. Structured Cushioning Mens Running

The Structured Cushioning series of running shoes from Asics is built for runners who exceed the normal level of pronation during runs.

The beauty of this set of shoes is that it provides a structure that controls overpronation while still providing sufficient cushioning and protection for the feet. This unsurpassed combination makes the Structured Cushioning shoes from Asics a great, widely popular set.

3.Asics Neutral and Cushioned Mens Running

The second type is the Neutral and Cushioned running shoes, which are specifically targeted towards runners with biomechanical issues or those with orthotics.

3. Motion Control Running Shoes

The third set of shoes is the Motion Control running shoes, which is one level more rigid than Structured Cushioning shoes. These shoes are especially offered for extreme overpronators who require rigid support for their feet.

4.Asics Mens Running Lightweight Choices

Lastly, Asics offers top-quality Lightweight and Racing shoes for the serious and competitive runners. These shoes are mostly very light and more responsive to the movement of the runner’s feet.

The Top Shoes in Asics Mens Running Shoe Series

If there would be one representative for each of the four categories of Asics men’s running shoes, we’d have a powerhouse group consisting of the

  • GEL-Kayano 14,
  • GEL Nimbus 10,
  • GEL Evolution 4,
  • and the GEL DS Trainer 13.

The GEL Kayano 14 is the latest version of the GEL Kayano shoe series, preceded by the GEL Kayano XII and the GEL Kayano 13. The 14th edition provides the usual features of the previous editions but received great updates.

It is a most celebrated shoe because of its perfect combination of stabile and cushioning for those looking for structured cushioning shoes. It has the IGS gait system for better foot movement. The GEL Nimbus 10 is a state-of-the-art shoe that provides unfailing cushioning for the delicate runner.

It banks on the special gel cushioning that Asics is well known for. The GEL Evolution 4, on the other hand, provides maximum movement control and empowers the overpronator.

Lastly, the GEL DS Trainer 13 is another top-of-line shoe that is very light and responds immediately to foot movement, offering a freer, smoother run for the racer.

What to Like about Asics Men’s Running Shoes

The men’s running shoes from Asics are notorious for gathering top ratings and positive reviews from wearers and expert reviewers. This shows just how successful these shoes are, and how effective their technologies are in providing optimum performance for the male runner.

The main secret behind the success of Asics is their footgear science but their products also rank well in terms of durability and external appearance.

That’s why most of the shoes in the men’s running footgear category of Asics products get mostly 4-5 star ratings and never settle for less.

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