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Asics Gel Lyte
Running Shoes with a Burst of Colors

In 1989, the Asics Gel Lyte was created, and since then, the shoe has started an outburst of colors that still continue until now.

Due to the success of the original series, Asics brought it back, but with more new colorways that are sure to fit runners’ tastes. Constantly updated, the shoe series is popular among stylish runners. As the shoe is constantly updated, it is also endlessly improved.

And now, years after its conception, the shoe is one of the most loved among all Asics running shoes.

The Technologies behind the Asics Gel Lyte

Asics Gel Lyte The Asics Gel Lyte is an excellent creation by Asics. But its constantly changed colorways are not its only feature.

  • Lightweight Gel Lyte
  • Asics Shoes Cushioning
  • Running Shoe Design

1.Lightness and Flexibility

It is also backed by the finest Asics footgear technologies, all created specifically to improve the quality, durability, and performance of the Asics running shoes. The shoe is great for high mileage runs due to its lightness and flexibility.

2. Cushioning

It also comes with the proprietary GEL Cushioning System by Asics for superior shock attenuation all throughout the shoe, especially in the rearfoot section where most of your footfall impact lands when you run.

The additional cushioning not only protects your feet but makes the shoe also highly durable and longer lasting.

3. Split Tongue Design

In addition to that, one unique feature of the Gel Lyte by Asics is its special split tongue design. This allows for better stability of the tongue so it wouldn’t inch down to the sides of the shoe.

Vibrant Colorways from Asics Gel Lyte

Asics has made creation of every Gel Lyte shoe an art, and they have been at it for years now.

Currently, there are a lot of available colorways that can fit any runner’s preferences.One of the most popular is the black/grey/gold/orange combination, which is very attractive because of the bright splashes of orange contrasting brightly against the black and grey colors.

This edition features speckled midsoles for a more exciting style. Another rendition is the black/orange/blue combination, which is very bright and eye-catching.

The shoe features mesh material for added breathability. Also, another reason for the ever-increasing popularity of the series is Asics’ concept of collaborating with well-known designers for the new designs of the series. When the Gel Lyte III series came alone, designers such as David Z and companies such as Alife, Mita, and Solebox helped in creating new and exciting designs for the famous shoe.

The result?

Even more colorways such as the red/yellow/black/orange combination and the black/white/purple/blue shoe. After a collaboration with Solebox, the company came out with a special edition Asics Gel Lyte III with a grey nubuck and purple accents. The company also uses various popular cultural icons as inspirations.

Recently, they came out with the Joker edition, using black, purple, and green. They also have the special Denver Nuggets edition, with a combination of sky blue and yellow.

There are even more exciting and fun color schemes in the series, and if you are serious about finding a sneaker that will express your personality, you will surely find one among the many colorways available from the Asics Gel Lyte series.

Review : Why the Asics Gel Lyte is Popular

Experts have dubbed this shoe as the “highest performance and the most cushioned lightweight shoe possible,” and a lot of users seem to agree as they remain loyal to the well-documented shoe series.

But what keeps the wearers coming back for the latest Gel Lyte edition is still undoubtedly the exciting and vibrant new color schemes and styles that are released constantly.

With further increasing popularity, the Gel Lyte from Asics is indeed one of the best inventions that Asics have come up with.

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