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Asics Gel DS Trainer
An Essential in Every Runner's Training

The Asics Gel DS Trainer is a great training shoe that is both light and sturdy. Lightweight comfort and hard-wear durability meets in this great Asics shoe. Aside from that, this shoe series is also known for being highly responsive, which is a great benefit for runners in training.

In 2007, a new Asics Gel DS Trainer came out with a bold appeal that gives justice to its highly effective set of features that give you enough reason to buy this shoe for your training sessions.

Asics Gel DS Trainer: Why Buy It?

Asics Gel DS Trainer A few reasons to choose the Asics Gel DS Trainer when shopping for running shoes are:

  • Asics Trainer Lightweight Cushioning
  • Asics Gel Guidance
  • Fit of the Gel Ds Trainer

1. Asics Trainer Lightweight Cushioning

The Asics Gel DS Trainer can make training a lighter load for you and your feet, with its lightweight cushioning that provides both comfort and protection. The shoe uses the special Solyte material for its midsole.

The material is lighter than the standard EVA and SpEVA cushioning materials, so you won’t bear an extra weight while you train. In fact, to give you more reasons to get the new DS Trainer, the shoe is considered as one of the lightest Asics shoes ever. And since training can get a bit strenuous at times, you will benefit from the great durability of the Asics Gel DS Trainer. And since this shoe is also part of the GEL Cushioning System for which Asics is known, you can expect nothing but optimal cushioning from this running shoe.

The GEL Cushioning System also works to protect your feet from shock. And to better attenuate shock especially at the heel where impact is great, the shoe uses an AHAR heel plug or a High Abrasion Resistant heel plug, another proprietary Asics technology. The added heel plug makes the shoe even more durable.

2. Ds Trainer Guidance

The Gel DS Trainer also provides guidance for your feet to help give you stability while you run. The shoe has the Space Trusstic System, an upgrade of the previous Trusstic System that Asics became famous for.

The Space Trusstic System adds a pocket between the old Trusstic System device and the midsole. This guides your feet through a smooth transition as you run. To complement the Space Trusstic System, the shoe also has the Impact Guidance System, another genius from Asics. The I.G.S. technology gives you an excellent gait while maintaining your foot’s natural power.

The system also guides you in the transition of your feet from heel strike to the toe off phase of your run. This shoe can also benefit pronators a lot. The shoe uses the DuoMAx technology, which has a corrective action on pronation. The outsole is also designed to provide better traction to guide you through a smooth run, with the DuoSole technology.

3. Gel Fit

Training is one of the most important parts of a runner’s life. It usually takes up much of your time, too. So it’s just right that you have a good shoe that fits you well. With the special biomorphic fit uppers, the Asics Gel DS Trainer will surely feel great on your feet.

The Asics Gel DS Trainer is also known for its sturdy arch post, which snugly supports the arch for better shock protection. Despite the good fit, you will also be surprised at the breathability of this shoe. And to complete the perfect fit, the shoe employs the secure fit of a traditional lacing system for a more focused support.

Asics Gel DS Trainer Review: What You’re Looking For

This shoe can take you through the ups and downs of your training, so it is certainly a must-have.

It provides practically all the ingredients needed in a good training shoe: cushioning, support, and responsiveness. Now, Asics is on its 10th version of the shoe, and it is still getting better. The company just keeps on adding the improving features to this trainer to make it exactly the shoe that runners are looking for.

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