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Asics Speedstar
Run Fast With Ultra-Light Cushioned Running Shoes

From the name alone, the Asics Speedstar shoe is one you’ve just got to have.

There is no doubt that this speed-oriented racer is a shoe that can win you those racing awards.

You just have to choose which Speedstar is best for you.There’s the Asics Speedstar, Speedstar II, and Speedstar 3.

The Asics Speedstar 3, despite being a lightweight racing shoe built for speed, is sold under the Cushioning line of running shoes by Asics.This is due to its special GEL Cushioning system which Asics has perfected. If you are looking for a lightweight, responsive shoe that can give an additional boost to your speed, check out the Speedstar series from the leading innovator, Asics.

And if you have special needs, the shoe series is also known among biomechanically efficient runners as well as for runners with medium to high arches.

This shoe can help you set new records for your run, whether you are training or you’re racing for the real thing.

The Asics Speedstar Review of Superior Technologies

Asics Speedstar

A few things to look at :

  • the Best Asics Technology.
  • Asics Speedstar Cushioning Technology
  • Flagship Asics Shoe Stability

1. Best Asics Technology

The Asics Speedstar shoes are equipped with all the best Asics technologies to make them great shoes, and to make the entire Speedstar line a highly recognized training and racing shoe series.

The reason why this racing shoe is one of a kind is that it is ultra light and very breathable but it gives special cushioning protection to your feet. The Asics Speedstar II is well-known for its tight mesh fit and the especially engineered outsole, while the 3rd edition Speedstar is better known for its superior cushioning.

2. Speedstar Cushioning System

The Speedstar II was commented on for the lack of sufficient forefoot cushioning, so this aspect of the shoe was improved when the 3rd edition was produced.

The cushion technology of the shoe does not add any weight, thanks to Asics special GEL Cushioning System.

The cushioning features gel pads at the rearfoot and forefoot section and foam beneath the sockliner. This cushioning system helps the shoe protect your precious feet from the strong impact of your powerful footfalls, especially during toe-off when your foot needs all the thrust it can get.

The trainer also uses a DuoSole outsole for extra durability, and a full-length SpEVA midsole that bears practically no weight at all and even improves midsole durability to make your shoe last longer.The DuoSole outsole also improves the wearer’s traction during propulsion.

3. Flagship Trusstic System for Speedstar Stability

And of course, there’s the flagship Trusstic System, an innovation by Asics. The system was installed in the Speedstar shoes to link the rearfoot and the forefoot for greater stability and a more natural movement as you ease from heel strike to toe off.

The special feature is that despite all these features, the shoes offer excellent ventilation. A lot of users in warm-climate areas find this shoe very suitable for them, even on the hottest of days. It’s obvious that these shoes were made for a specific purpose and for runners with special considerations to manage.

That’s why it is well-loved by a horde of loyal wearers.

Near Perfect Ratings for the Asics Speedstar

This shoe is perfectly fitted for neutral runners. It is available in both men’s shoe and women’s shoe.

The shoes are true to size and will surely feel quite snug when you wear it.The snug fit, the cushioned protection, and the overall comfort will send you running your fastest.

And with an attractive style that brings you up to speed with the latest in footgear fashion, this shoe will not let you down whichever way you look at it.

Performance trainers consider this shoe as a great companion, and experts agree. Receiving 4 stars out of 5 in most reviews, this shoe is evidently near perfect.

Takes you to Zappos for some of the best selections for this model and other Asics models

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