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Asics Nimbus 9
The Ultra-Cushioned Running Shoes

If it is superior cushioning that you’re after, the Asics Nimbus 9 will meet all your expectations.

The well-documented GEL-Nimbus series from Asics once again brings yet another excellent addition to their collection of running shoes built for superior cushioning and feet protection for the runner.

The Nimbus series has already come a long way, so it is understandable that the 9th edition has received a lot of upgrades.

In fact, it is considered as the best rendering of the concepts that the Nimbus series stand for.

Surpassing the excellent fit of the Nimbus VI’s upper, the Asics Nimbus 9 provides an overall snug fit, from the upper all the way to the platform. This ensures a more comfortable ride for your entire feet.

With this shoe, your feet can take you far and fast.

Homegrown Features of the Asics Nimbus 9

Asics Nimbus 9 The secret behind the Asics Nimbus 9 is still the homegrown features of the old Nimbus shoes.

  • Nimbus Gel Cushioning Systems
  • Asics Nimbus 9 High Abration Resistant
1. Nimbus GEL Cushioning Systems

The shoe has the usual Nimbus features, starting with the clever Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System and Forefoot GEL Cushioning System, both furnished with the special Twist GEL technology.

The Nimbus series is also greatly known for its Biomorphic Fit upper and super lightweight Solyte Midsole Material.

2. Asics Nimbus 9 High Abrasion Resistant

Another distinct feature is the AHAR or Asics High Abrasion Resistant heel plug that provides added durability and shock attenuation.

And of course, what’s an Asics shoe without the I.G.S. or Impact Guidance System with its linked componentry for a more natural and enhanced movement from heel strike to toe off. By improving these features and adding some new ones, the newest version of the Nimbus shoe was able to build the ideal cushioning shoe.

The Asics Nimbus 9 Upgraded!

The Nimbus 9 from Asics received a lot of improvements compared to the previous Nimbus versions.

The most significant addition is focused on improving the cushioning and fit of the shoe. The previous versions of the Nimbus shoe all have superior upper fit, and the 9th version extends that superior fit to include the platform, which makes the shoe a very versatile running shoe great for a wide range of runners, from underpronators to moderate pronators.

Another one of these improvements is the newly designed heel. The discreet heel is specifically created so that it allows enough space for the rearfoot section to move freely and independently.

  • This heel is also equipped with shear deformation features.
  • The significance of this new concept is that it can also provide additional shock absorption to protect the feet.
  • The shoe also has the silicon gel that was considered a great feature of the popular GEL-Kinsei.

And instead of the usual GEL Cushioning System that is already a given to all Asics GEL shoes, the Nimbus 9 from Asics has the improved Expanded Rearfoot GEL Cushioning as well as a Two-Channel Forefoot Twist GEL Cushioning.

This proves that this shoe is indeed the emblem when it comes to cushioned running shoes. The construction of the shoe is also very sound. With the heel and the rearfoot well covered, the Nimbus 9 then adds a three-piece construction for the midsole.

On top of that, the shoe does not settle with the old Trusstic system found in older Asics running shoes.

The Trusstic system of the 9th Nimbus has been upgraded as well. Finally, the shoe also comes with a special single piece tongue and vamp construction as well as a dual layer PHF construction.

The Award-Winning Asics Nimbus 9

This great member of the Nimbus series has captured the faith of a lot of runners as well as reviewers.

The shoe is a winner of the Editor’s Choice award in 2007 by Runner’s World. Its set of highly enhanced features raise it above the formerly known standards. The shoe is available for both men and women, and with the gender-specific Trusstic system, each runner will definitely find the cushioning that he or she is looking for.

So when it comes to cushioning, the Nimbus 9 from Asics is an up-to-the-minute full-featured product that exceeds industry standards.

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