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Asics Gel Kinsei
Asics' Most Advanced Running Shoe

***spot0a.shtml*** The Asics Gel Kinsei is hailed as Asics’ most advanced shoe, in terms of technical construction. Named as the Gear of the Year, the Gel-Kinsei is supported by shoe science that adapts to different foot types and running styles.

Encased in an outward shoe with a futuristic look, the Asics Gel Kinsei promises a lot for the world of running. It comes in a great-looking chrome and silver combination and is enhanced with cobalt blue stripes.

***spot1a.shtml*** Indeed, this is one of Asics’ premier running shoes, and it is engineered using only the best Asics technologies to help give you one great shoe.

What Makes the Asics Gel Kinsei A Great Shoe

Asics Gel Kinsei***spot2a.shtml*** A few reasons why Asics Gel Kinsei is a great shoe are :

  • Asics Gel Kinsei Optimum Guidance with Impact Guidance System
  • Shock-Protective GEL Cushioning System
  • Excellent Asics Shoe Structure from Forefoot, Midsole, to Heel
  • Gel Kinsei : Only the Best Materials

1. Asics Gel Kinsei Optimum Guidance with Impact Guidance System

The Asics Gel Kinsei is backed with the special Impact Guidance System or I.G.S., one of Asics’ best technologies.

The I.G.S. is a patented technology owned by Asics. It works by enhancing a runner’s gait by following the foot’s natural movement. This system uses linked componentry to help you run your best in your most natural form.

2. Shock-Protective GEL Cushioning System

The special Asics GEL Cushioning System, the cushioning platform used by Asics upon which several lines of their running shoes are built, supports the Asics Gel Kinsei.

The system uses highly durable silicon-based gel that resists wear and tear, so as long as you use your Gel Kinsei, the cushioning you get will as bouncy as if it was new. The cushioning system is found at the forefoot and rearfoot areas where most of the impact is targeted on while running. This ensures that your feet are well-protected from shock.

3. Excellent Asics Shoes Structure from Forefoot, Midsole, to Heel

The general structure of the Gel Kinsei features the Trusstic System, which connects the rearfoot and the forefoot in one fluid structure.

This system ensures that your foot also fluidly transitions from heel strike to toe off in every step, and also contributes to your speed and even to your stability. The forefoot also has a discrete forefoot set-up, made possible by Asics’ Propulsion Trusstic, a new technology that adapts to the foot’s propulsion movement. As for the midsole, it is made up of compression-molded EVA midsole embedded in Solyte material, which helps in shielding the foot, especially the arch, from shock.

The heel, on the other hand, is backed by the AHAR Heel Plug. This Asics proprietary technology is yet another genius from this running shoe expert. It helps improve the durability and strength of the shoe’s heel, since the heel gets most of the impact at first strike. This multi-piece heel system helps the shoe adjust to different types of feet, making it a great fit for a wide range of runners. The heel system also helps reduce pronation, giving aid for overpronators.

Finally, it has an asymmetrical lacing system, which provides the shoe with a Biomorphic Fit that wraps around your foot. The shoe snugly holds the architecture of various foot styles, offering excellent comfort and fit.

4. Only the Best Running Shoes Materials

The Asics Gel Kinsei is also structured using only the best running shoe construction materials.

First, there’s the Spacemaster-UV mesh lining in the upper stretches that helps improve the shoe’s breathability and also allows a better fit around the foot. When you have on the Asics Gel Kinsei, your foot will remain cool and perfectly dry to keep you from getting irritated and make you focus solely on your performance. Aside from that, the material helps avoid blisters and other foot injuries.

Asics Gel Kinsei Shoe Review On the Whole

The stripes also work dual purposes; they enhance the look of the shoe and also allows night visibility. It’s the perfect look to complete the perfect running shoe system. This is a fairly flexible shoe that can work for any foot type, but it is also designed partially as a shoe that counteracts overpronation.

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