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Asics Gel Cumulus
A Perfectly Engineered Cushioning Shoe

The Asics Gel Cumulus is a significant addition to Asics’ excellent running shoe collection. The Gel Cumulus series of shoes has been around for years, and for the same length of time that it has been around, it has captured the loyalties of a lot of runners.

In fact, their recent editions belong to the list of 2007’s most popular shoes, fitted with several of Asics’ patented shoe technologies to give you a great companion for the road.

The Science behind the Asics Gel Cumulus

Asics Gel Cumulus The best features about Asics Gel Cumulus are :

  • Structured Construction
  • Durable Asics Gel Cushioning
  • Flexibility and Fitting of the Gel Cumulus
  • Excellent Materials

1. Structured Cumulus Construction

The Asics Gel Cumulus was obviously constructed with much thought from Asics’ experts. It is equipped with the patented technology Impact Guidance System or I.G.S. The system uses linked componentry which adapts to the natural gait of the foot and builds on this to enhance your performance. It guides the shoe through a smooth and optimum gait as you go from heel strike to toe off. This is made even better when paired with the Space Trusstic System, building from the Trusstic System.

This enhanced technology is an advanced system that puts a pocket along the midsole. This makes sure that the midsole perfectly supports the foot function. On top of that, the shoe provides a thermoplastic urethane arch support for your foot’s comfort and protection from injuries and foot ache.

2. Durable Asics Cushioning

The Gel Cumulus from Asics also provides good cushioning for shock absorption. This is made possible by the special Solyte material used in the midsole. The material is a proprietary Asics material that provides comfort you will feel immediately after putting on the shoe and lasts even after you’ve run miles and miles. Despite the hefty cushioning, the shoe is lightweight, owing to the extremely light standard EVA and SpEVA materials.

These midsole cushioning materials are also highly durable, unlike other midsole materials that eventually get worn out. Most runners who use the Asics Gel Cumulus allows for a smooth, soft ride.

On top of that, the cushioning material provides excellent rebound action to give you an extra boost. The forefoot and hindfoot are also provided with ample cushioning with GEL silicone-based inserts to give flexible protection to every part of your foot.

3. Flexibility and Fitting of the Gel Cumulus

The Gel Cumulus is also highly flexible, fitting several foot types and adapting to several running styles. With its PHF technology or Personalized Heel Fit, the shoe optimizes performance and makes sure that the shoe fits perfectly. The technology involves the use of a memory foam lined with a heel collar. The heel molds snugly to the heel of the wearer for a personalized and snug fit that ensures foot protection and better performance.

The heel is also extra durable, made of AHAR or abrasion-resistant heels to keep your shoe in perfect heel condition even after long-time wear. And to tie all loose ends up, the shoe leaves no other questions regarding its fit with the traditional lacing system, designed for a tight fit and centralized support for your foot.

4. Excellent Materials

The Asics Gel Cumulus’ is an excellent product inside and out. On the outside, it is constructed using synthetic leather and nylon mesh uppers that mold to your feet and feels light and cool.

The added breathability enhances comfort and leaves you free to worry about the other more important factors in your run, like your speed and the finish line you are aiming. Its linings are made of wicking polyester materials for moisture absorption and quick drying.

The shoe also has 3M3 reflective accents that provide low-light visibility. And for added durability, the shoe uses high-performance rubber outsoles that resist wearing out and to give great traction.

Asics Gel Cumulus Review : What It’s Made For

The Asics Gel Cumulus is an excellent low-cut candidate for runners who tend to underpronate. At the same time, it also works well with neutral runners. It is also great for your road-running adventures. Highly rated by reviews around, including us, should guarantee you a great run.

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