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Asics Kayano 13
One of the Most Popular Neutral Running Shoes

The Asics Kayano 13 is yet another exceptional shoe from Asics’ excellent line of GEL-Kayano shoes.

The GEL-Kayano series is very popular among runners because the shoes in the series combine superior cushioning and stable support.

The Asics GEL-Kayano 13 is exactly that kind of shoe.

All the usual features found in other GEL-Kayano shoes can still be found in the 13. The advantage of this version, however, is its higher quality materials used in the upper as well as added cushioning.

These features make this shoe an even greater offer than its predecessors. That’s why it is loved by the widest range of runners, specifically neutral runners.

Neutral runners are those who have neutral feet, which is the most common type of feet.

Those looking for a neutral shoe or one that provides assistance and enhanced performance for moderate pronators should check out this feature-packed shoe.

This just might be what you’re looking for.

The Gears of the Asics Kayano 13

asics kayano 13 A Superior Running Shoe

The Asics Kayano 13 is packed with features that make it a great, versatile type of running shoes that can fit an extensive range of needs of various runners.

Asics GEL Line of Shoes

This shoe is part of Asics GEL line of shoes. This refers to the running shoes that use the special GEL Cushioning System from Asics.

This is a special shock absorption system that attenuates shock and protects the feet. As a runner, protection for your feet is of great importance.

When feet are protected from impact, the more stable it will be, and the more able you will be to run at your best.

Asics Running - Impact Guidance System

The shoe also has the special IGS technology, or Impact Guidance System, which employs linked componentry for enhanced gait to help smooth the transition from your heel strike to the toe-off.

The midsole is also made of special Solyte lightweight material, which has even less weight that the standard EVA and SpEVA that Asics is known for.

This just goes to show that Asics is dedicated to innovation and has now surpassed even its own standards.

The Solyte material, despite its revolutionary lightness, also provides additional cushioning to the shoe to help improve comfort while you run.

And its flexible cushioning also makes energy bounce right back to help boost your thrust when you run.

Space Trusstic System For Better "Feel"

The GEL-Kayano 13 from Asics also uses the Space Trusstic System. Asics recognizes that male and female runners have different running patterns, and the Space Trusstic System fits the men’s and women’s shoes with gender-specific Trusstic System devices.

Last but certainly not the least, the shoe also uses Biomorphic Fit uppers for a snug fit.

All these features ensure that you will get comfort and stabile when you use the Asics Kayano 13.

Five Stars for the Asics Kayano 13

The Asics Kayano deserves only the top ratings, and that’s what it gets.

A lot of wearers gave the shoe a 5-star rating, while some, but just a few, gave it a 4-star rating. But that’s where consumers draw the line, which shows that the shoe indeed captured the collective thumbs up from most runners.

The Kayano line of shoes from Asics is recognized worldwide, but when the 13 was introduced, it was embraced warmly by experienced runners, experts, and reviewers.

The shoe is available in quicksilver/black/red and white/lightning/brilliant blue combinations for men and in white/silver/blue and white/orange/silver for women.

You can choose the color scheme that best appeals to you. But if you are a neutral runner, no matter what color combination you choose, you can be sure that the Asics Kayano 13 will fit you perfectly.

Your feet will feel it, and so will you when you start running.

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