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Asics GT 2110
A Great Addition to the Asics 2000 Running Shoes Series

The Asics GT 2110 is yet another one of the outstanding shoes sold by Asics under their popular 2000 series.

The 2000 series is one of Asics’ masterpieces.

It is considered as one of the most recognized line of running shoes on the market, and among Asics’ wide range of products, it is also considered to be an excellent group.

The GT 2110 from Asics, taking its mix of features from what its entire line is known for, is one of the best known running shoes that provide the link between control and comfort. This is also one of the best loved training shoes for those with high arches because of its advanced cushioning.***

Staying true to the great work started by the earlier 2000 series, this shoe has a ready segment of customers, specifically those who are loyal to the 2000 series.

The Technology that Builds the Asics GT 2110

asics gt 2110 The Following Features is Special About the GT 2110 :

  • Asics GT 2110 Guidance System Technology
  • DuoMax Medial Posts
  • The Asics Cushioning system at its best

1. Guidance System Technology

The Asics GT 2110’s best feature is the Impact Guidance System technology, which uses linked componentry.

This technology guides the overall movement of the shoes to make foot function more natural as it transitions from the heel strike to the toe off. Such a natural gait can further enhance a runner’s performance.

2. DuoMax medial posts

Aside from the I.G.S., the shoe also uses DuoMax medial posts to provide adequate support for the feet as it builds momentum before your run. This will give you a stronger thrust forward and can send you on your fastest runs.

And for better midsole deformation, the shoe also has the special Space Trusstic System, another great addition that Asics is known for.

The Space Trusstic Systems for the Asics GT-2110 men’s shoes and women’s shoes are different, since this technology uses gender-specific principles to fit the shoes perfectly with varying men’s and women’s motion patterns.

The special system also greatly augments foot function. Those are what the GT 2110 from Asics offer for performance and support for your feet.

3. Asics Trademark GEL Cushioning

But that’s not the only thing that this shoe offers to wearers. It also offers optimal comfort for your feet, which will do a lot to improve your performance.

The shoe is furnished with Asics trademark GEL Cushioning Systems at the heel and the forefoot to protect the parts of your feet that thrusts you forward. And your midsoles will be protected by SpEVA material to provide total comfort for the entire foot.

These complete shock absorption features also improves the durability of your shoe.

What to Watch Out For with the Asics GT 2110

Men and women will find their ideal pair in the GT-2110 from Asics.

Women also have a lot of colors to choose from, ranging from lightning/turquoise/lime, white/peri blue/quicksilver, white/orange flame/lightning, lightning/quicksilver/classic green, and a sharp, classic-looking black/black/red model. The classic look of the Asics GT 2110 men’s shoe with white/navy/gold colors is also widely preferred.

Users of this shoe often find the right mix of support and cushioning that they are looking for in this shoe, and that’s why a lot of users remain faithful to the 2000 series and to the 2110.

The shoe is also a top-rated product, and has accompanied a lot of serious runners in their leisure, training, and race runs.A lot of marathon runners also use this shoe because of its superior fit and its moderate weight.

Users, especially those who are loyal to the 2000 series, are also very appreciative of the fact that the shoe is available at a reasonable price that makes it an even ideal choice compared to the more popular and more expensive Kayano series.

But the lower price does not affect the shoe’s performance at all.

Some users remarked about the shoe getting worn out a bit fast with prolonged and frequent use, but most of them suggest buying two pairs and using them alternately.The reasonable price of the shoe makes this not a problem at all.

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