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Asics GT 2120
Engineered Asics Running Shoe

Building on the foundation laid by the earlier editions of the 2000 series, the Asics GT 2120 is a shoe engineered for the runner.

The shoe is a great option for those who pronate more than the usual, but along with motion control, the shoe also provides comfort and a solid fit that runners and Asics loyalists have come to love about the 2000 series.

Packed with features, this shoe is indeed one of the most holistically beneficial running shoes available for both men and women. It is sold under the Structured Cushioning product line consisting mostly of Asics running shoes that offer a comfortable combination of motion control and cushioning.

This can be used by moderate pronators to overpronators who still value comfort and cushioning. While the shoe provides a structured support to control extreme and unnecessary foot movement, it also ensures that comfort is not sacrificed.

. This shoe is one of the hybrid products of Asics where two ends meet in order to meet the mid-line needs of a wider range of runners.

The Asics GT 2120 Shoe Science

Asics GT 2120 The GT-2120 from Asics is known for its wonderful combination of shoe science features that help it achieve its objectives.

  • Ultra Light GT 2120 Midsole Material
  • 2120 Pronation Control
  • Support System For Shoe Comfort
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Special Asics Lacing Running Shoe System
1. Ultra Light Midsole Material Of The GT 2120

It uses the ultra light midsole material, the special Solyte that Asics specifically designed to give their products responsiveness and flexibility.

Given the shoe’s light weight of just around 9.1 oz., you can surely go for an effortless stride.

2. Asics 2120 Pronation Control

The material is also known for its outstanding durability, which also makes the shoe a long-lasting investment for the longtime runner. The shoe also uses the special DuoMax technology that can correct pronation to give you a more stable run and a stronger move forward.

The DuoMax technology uses two different midsole materials for a more rigid support for overpronators.

The Asics GT 2120 also uses the AHAR technology for its heel. AHAR is another special technology linked to the Asics tradition of innovation. It stands for High Abrasion Resistant heel technology, which provides additional shock attenuation and durability at the heel, where much of the impact of your weight falls.

3. Impact Guidance System Technology For Better Support

The shoe also has the I.G.S. or Impact Guidance System technology from Asics, which augments the feet’s natural manner of movement starting from the heel strike to the toe off.

And for greater comfort, the Asics GT 2120 uses the special GEL Cushioning System and Space Trusstic System, both excellent innovations from Asics.

4. GEL Cushioning System

The GEL Cushioning System provides ample protection for the feet by bearing much of the brunt that your feet suffer with your impactful footfalls while you run.

The Space Trusstic System also makes the men’s shoe and the women’s shoe specifically customized to suit the varying movement patterns of male and female runners. The Trusstic System also gives close attention to the changes that occur to a woman’s arch and controls deformation.

5. Finally, the Asics 2120 Running Shoe Lacing System

Other uniquely added feature is the traditional lacing system, which ensures that your feet can be fitted tightly into the shoe, a highly durable upper and a stitched toe cap.

All these features work together in perfect synergy to ensure that your feet get the power and comfort that it needs.

The Asics GT 2120 According to Ratings and Reviews

Men and women can avail of this well-endowed shoe by choosing from among the various color schemes and styles.

Men can buy the storm/quicksilver/bright orange combination, the white/lightning/ice blue, the black/black/silver, or the white/navy/gold combination.

Women also have various options, namely the white/maroon/lightning, white/platinum/navy, platinum/white/rose, white/lightning/ice blue, and the quicksilver/grass green/platinum models.

In whatever way you look at it, it seems that the shoe is one of the best products around, and the reviews and ratings also say so.

With an rating of 4 to 4.5, the GT 2120 from Asics is obviously quite the popular shoe.

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