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Finding the Best Running Shoes for You

Running shoes reviews and the best running shoes is all about finding the top running shoes that fits your feet perfectly, whether it is by a running shoe review of Asics, Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony or any of the other shoe brands - or if your choice is to go for discount running shoes, trail running shoes or simply looking for the best walking shoes.

This however, can be a challenge bigger than that track you run on.

On top of that, your decision is also one of the most important decisions you have to make since the shoes you wear affect your stance and performance as a runner.

For such a big and critical decision, you can’t just take this lightly.

As a runner, you probably know that every step you take lands with a blow to your feet, running shoes reviewsand your shoes should be able to protect your feet and to prevent any injuries.

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration to make sure that you make the right choice.

  • Do you overpronate, underpronate or have a neutral landing ?
  • Will you use them for trail running, competition, or just general fitness ?
  • Do you have an injury history, do you need extra cushioning ?
  • Are you willing to pay extra for this, or are you simply looking for the best cheap running shoes within your foot category ?

To help you, you can get some assistance on the way from ratings and running shoes reviews.

Fitting Your Running Shoes to Your Feet

The most important thing in finding the best running shoes for you is the type of feet you have. People have different foot types, such as normal feet, flat feet, or high-arched feet.

1. Be Aware of Your Foot Type Before Choosing a Shoe

You can check out your feet type by looking at your foot or the footprints you make on soft surfaces like sand. Flat feet don't have an arch; when you make a footprint on sand, you will see a level print.

2. Overpronators - a Need For Stability Running Shoes

Flat-footed people are overpronators, which mean that your feet have a tendency to roll inwards, so you need shoes that will improve your stability when you run.

Being flat-footed is not really a problem, but in some individual cases, it could be, but this can be remedied by the right type of running shoes.

3. Underpronate - Midsole Protection

As for high-arched feet, the situation is reversed. When you run, you underpronate, or your feet roll outwards. This means that the impact on the foot is stronger when you run, so you need shoes that will protect your feet, especially around the midsoles.

Shoes with cushioning are the best types for high-arched feet, while shoes equipped with motion control are recommended for flat-footed folks. As for those with normal feet, you won’t have big problems.

In addition to all of this, it is important to take into consideration your running style, landing pattern and your general need for running shoe cushioning considering your previous injury-history as a runner.

Running Shoe Reviews for All Needs - Best Running Shoes : Highly Individual

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Take time to read ratings and top running shoes reviews so you’ll find the perfect shoes that will fit your feet perfectly and give your performance a boost - discount running shoes or even cheap running shoes, there are some real scoops out there.

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We would love to hear your view on a particular shoe. Do you want to share your favorite one with us ? Help us build the best and most personal place with shoe views by runners for runners. Check out the Choosing Running Shoes section where all personal running shoes reviews submissions are gathered in addition to views on the best walking shoes.

Good luck with your choice and below are the main categories at - finding the best running shoes for your needs.

Running Shoes Review Main Categories

asics running shoesAsics Running Shoes : Provides Sound Running Shoes for a Sound Run - Running shoes from Asics can provide a performance as superior as yourself. Asics running is best known for top notch running shoes and technological advances geared towards simply improving the soundness of your run.

new balance running shoes

New Balance Running Shoes : Highly Trusted - When it comes to running, the New Balance brand is a testament to excellent and one of the most preferred brands when it comes to sports gear. You cannot go wrong with shoes from New Balance.


nike running shoesNike Running Shoes : Truly Legendary Nike Shox and More - Since the 70s, Nike running has strived to more than just produce running shoes. In the process they have revolutionize the world of running and propelled the sport of running to worldwide fame.


brooks running shoesBrooks Running Shoes : Dedicated to Pioneering - A running shoe from Brooks will provide you the absolute latest in running shoe innovation and they have received excellent reviews as having some of the best running shoes around.


adidas running shoesAdidas Running Shoes : State-of-the-Art-Footwear - the Adidas Group supplies the sporting industry with highly viable sporting goods and apparel and have done so for the last 70 years.


best running shoes

Best Running Shoes - What Are The Top Shoe Picks? - Picking the right running shoes can be a challenging task. Here are some choices on what shoes are the top,best models - whether you are marathon training, running for fitness or have to have extra cushioning.


trail running shoesTrail Running Shoes - New Balance, Asics, Nike and Salomon Trail Running Shoes - Trail running is different from road running and track running. It is generally a more demanding variant of running because it is done on hiking trails. Take a look at the top picks and shoe reviews from New Balance trail shoes, Adidas, Nike and Asics trail running shoes.


trail running shoesCheap Running Shoes - Mens and Women, Cheap Nike Running Shoes : What are some cheap running shoes that you can really rely on. What are the best cheap Nike running shoes or simply the top cheap womens running shoes ? We explore this in the cheap running shoes section.


trail running shoesBest Walking Shoes for Men and Women 2010 : What are the best walking shoes for men and women, for flat feet or high arch ? We give you the latest within the top walking shoes on the market today and why you want to use running shoes for walking.


trail running shoesDiscount Running Shoes : Discounted Nike and New Balance Shoes for Men and Women: Discounted Nike and New Balance shoes come in large numbers as new models arrive yearly. If you know the market well you can find some of the best running shoes from these brands that are just as good as this years models.


Further reading :

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are a bit trickier to find. - It’s hard enough to find the best shoes for the different foot types, so it’s even more challenging to find a shoe that is suitable for feet suffering from the condition called plantar fasciitis. But taking time to find the perfect shoe that can help alleviate the effects of plantar fasciitis will allow you to freely walk or run without being hindered by the problem.

Running shoes for overpronators can correct overpronation problem that commonly frustrates flat-footed runners. Runners with flat feet tend to overpronate or experience an excessive rolling movement of their feet. It is important that runners try to correct this. If not, their performance and efficiency when they run will be greatly affected.

Best running shoes 2011 - What are the top running shoes 2011 ? - We look into the best running shoes of 2011 - and explore the top running shoes for the new year.

Running shoes reviews 2011 - Mens and Womens running review picks - New models of classic shoes wins the top running shoes review 2011 places.

Running Shoes for Flat Feet - What are the best running shoes for flat feet ?

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