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ASICS Structured Cushioning Shoes Review

by John - Expert Reviewer

ASICS Structured Cushioning Shoes Review

ASICS Structured Cushioning Shoes Review

As one of the premier brands of shoes, Asics has a cult following so every time the company introduces a new line or simply reinvents earlier models, loyal followers want to be updated through articles such as ASICS Structured Cushioning Shoes review. The shoes presented here are designed to provide a combination of cushioning and support to those who are moderate to mild over pronators. While these type of runners need running gear to help control slight overpronation, they don’t really require the shock attenuation features presented by regular cushioning shoes.

Based on the names of these footwear, they are modified versions of earlier models. With innovation and advanced technologies incorporated into these new releases, Asics, once more, causes a stir in the running world, arousing the interest of athletes and runners, alike. On the other hand, this brings pressure to manufacturers of other popular shoe brands to come up with their own edition of support shoes that may just be as good, if ever they, even, come close.

1. ASICS GT 2160

The 2160 is the latest model of Asic’s popular GT series and an updated version of the 2150. It is an ideal training shoe for neutral runners or those who tend to overpronate. It is suitable for high mileage runners since it offers ample support; yet, it still manages to be flexible, durable and well cushioned.

This shoe incorporates the Impact Guidance System that gives a more proficient gait cycle and smoother ride by promoting a natural transition from heel strike to toe off. It includes added cushioning in its midsole to, efficiently, absorb shock during impact. This protects runners from possible injuries, which could be acquired when running on concrete surfaces like cemented roads.

It provides excellent, longer lasting support with the gel cushioning integrated in areas of its forefoot and rearfoot. This has been proven to be more durable than air or foam types of cushioning. As a standard in Asics high end running shoes, it includes a a ComfortDry Sock Liner that keeps the foot cool and fresh even during hot weather conditions. This is a welcome addition during high mileage runs when heat that is trapped inside the shoe could cause blisters and soreness. It comes with an adaptive Gender Specific Trusstic System that provides the women's feet with flexibility and the right support levels through the whole sequence of the gait. This system meets the changes of arch heights of women that, commonly, occur throughout a month.

It comes with a breathable mesh upper that gives both comfort and ventilation to the foot while running. Its sole supplies sufficient grip that gives you confidence in running on both wet and dry grounds. It makes use of the conventional lacing that most runners favor rather than the asymmetrical lacing that newer Asics shoes have. It has 2-layer memory foam in its heel collar that conforms to varied heel shapes to give a personalized fit. This keeps the foot from moving inside the shoe while running on uneven trails and rough surfaces. At the same time, this offers protection and support from probable ankle sprains.

2. ASICS Gel Kayano 17

ASICS Gel Kayano 17 is a high performance running shoe that comes softer than the earlier model, the Kayano 16. It is the lightest among models belonging to this line of footwear. This shoe includes the brand’s Guidance Line that promotes a more natural gait. It has an integrated Gel System, which the brand is best known for that apportions Gel units, evenly, throughout the midsole. These are highly reliable in absorbing shock during impact. They are made out of different substances, each of which has its own function.

It has the brand’s exclusive Duomax Stabilizing System which utilizes a dual density midsole. This has a harder EVA on its midsole to control pronation while a lighter Solyte Lasting is a new material utilized in this medial side of the shoe that offers enhanced cushioning and durability. It, also, has Solyte which is Gender Specific Forefoot Cushioning at the ball of the foot.

Since women differ from men when it comes to physiological dynamics, there is a Gender Specific Space Trusstic wherein the women’s model has a larger space to accommodate midsole’s release as their planter flexes during certain stages of gait. It has a High Abrasion Rubber Outsole for more durability and cushioning. It adds a 3 mm raise in its heel that is designed to relieve the stress on the Achilles tendon.

A Personalized Heel Fit System allows special foam at the back of the heel to mould to its shape and any other user’s heel shape, for that matter, to give a customized fit. A Biomorphic Fit Technology integrated in its upper, further, gives better fit and comfort to accommodate prominent bones and prevent the incidence of blisters.

Its Eyelet-stay Lacing construction provides a snug fit by allowing the user to pull from the base. This lets the upper elements of the shoe move in synergy with the foot, enhancing comfort, especially, while running long miles. It includes the standard ComfoDry Sockliner, a double layer cushioning system with antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor, keep the feet dry and away from moisture. It, also, has a detachable EVA sockliner that conforms to the foot’s shape.

It has reduced overlays in its forefoot to allow a roomier toe box. This prevents irritation that is being related to cramped space inside a shoe. It comes with the new Assymetrical Lacing System that is said to provide comfort during gait. It has the 3M Reflective material that gives the shoe better visibility, especially, during night time.

This shoe is environment-friendly in the sense that the synthetic fabrics in its design are made from recycled materials.

3. ASICS Gel 1160

This is a lightweight, performance training shoe that is suitable for beginners and avid runners who go for high mileage running. It gives just the right amount of support, cushioning, comfort and stability, at the best value. It integrates the brand’s Duomax System that makes use of 2 midsole materials that comes with different densitites. These help in controlling over pronation. It, also, has a comfortable heel cup that conforms to all types of heels.

It comes with breathable mesh in most of its upper that keeps the foot cool plus synthetic overlays. Its padded tongue made of air mesh, further, adds comfort and ventilation to the foot. It incorporates the same Gel Cushioning System in the forefoot and rearfoot that gives the support and comfort that is needed to absorb shock during impact and toe-off, respectively.

It includes an enhanced Trusstic System under the midfoot area enables the sole area to be lighter in weight. This, when combined with the contoured midsole, controls torsional stability. It has a lighter and thinner version of Asics High Abrasion Rubber that is distributed in critical areas of the outsole, which enhances durability. An updated spEVA lasting supplies the comfort and cushioning in areas between the midsole and the upper while a new full-length spEVA midsole boosts return of energy and gives a smoother heel-to-toe transition while offering improved reduction of shock. It has 3M reflective material to improve visibility during low light hours.


ASICS GT 2160, Gel Kayano 17 and ASICS Gel 1160 are the much awaited running footwear for the neutral runners and mild to moderate over pronators. They all are consistent with the quality carried on from their earlier models with the addition of several features; innovations and technologies that make them outshine other brands of running footwear in the same category.

Asics GT 2160 continues to retain its reputation as the best supportive running shoe with the stability provided by its outsole pods that give maximum control during toe-off. Gel Kayano 17 continues to be a most sought performance shoe by the running experts. It is enhanced with the inclusion of an Assymetrical Lacing System that gives a snug fit; a lower collar for the heel that prevents irritation; Solyte material for the midsole that gives a softer feel; and a lighter weight which is, easily, noticeable. While these may be considered as slight updates, all these when combined make up this award-winning shoe.

Asics Gel 1160 is all about comfort and support, with its blend of mild to moderate stability and cushioning. This continues to be a popular shoe among those who are new to running. It is, likewise, a favorite among those who go for high mileage runs. Best of all, it gives more value for your money.

Now, Asics’ ardent followers will not be kept in the dark any longer since everything they need to know about support and cushioning is right in the ASICS Structured Cushioning Shoes review.

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