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K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review

by John

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review

K-Swiss has raised eyebrows of shoe critics in a recent reader poll standing as an equal contender to a popular shoe brand, however, with the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review they will, surely, understand why it is regarded as such. Initially, the brand K-Swiss is known for the top performing tennis shoes it produces. A newbie in technical running, the company has still to learn a lot before sharing the limelight with the cream-of-the-crop brands. Nevertheless, it is determined to come up with enhanced footwear to become a worthy competitor in the market of running shoes. With a commitment like this, perfection is not far behind.


Kwicky Blade Light is a running shoe that belongs to the Blade Light Series. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for training and racing. It gives a feeling of a flat racing shoe. Though it is light, it comes with just right amount of cushioning needed for high mileage running. This is brought about by its flexible sole. This shoe has unmatched motion control and stability. It has a one-of-a-kind midsole construction that manages to maintain the stability of the foot, regardless of gait.


This shoe incorporates the same innovative Blade Light Technology in the midsole of both models, Blade Run and Blade Race. It makes use of blades that are, scientifically designed. These supply enhanced cushioning that is firm and responsive. As you are beginning to run at a slow phase, you flex a blade, one at a time but as you continue and increase in speed, you flex more blades and they become all the more, firm.

It includes an EVA midsole that comes with two densities that boost cushioning while enhancing durability in the foot. It integrates the special Superfoam crash pad in areas of the heel, sockliner and footbed, which gives a high return of energy that is said to last longer than those of other brands.

For added stability, it comes with a post at the shoe?s medial area that controls pronation and reduces collapse, resulting from fatigue experienced during marathons and other long races. However, this doesn?t, in any way, concern neutral runners that have a natural gait. This is, since, their forefoot supports their weight.

The shoe?s seamless upper allows the shoe to be worn in a sockless manner. It gives utmost comfort. It protects the foot from scratches that a runner may get from running barefoot. This does not have any visible stitches that may cause irritation or allergy.

It is made waterproof by Ion Mask hydrophobic technology. This uses a hydrophobic treatment that lets the shoe absorb even the smallest drop of water in the upper, the midsole and its laces. Rather than blocking the entrance of water, this coats the fibers, thus, providing ventilation. Shoe laces have cords at the ends to keep them, securely, tied.


K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light, with its Blade Light Technology, enables the shoe to supply cushioning that is progressive. This makes it suitable for a simple run or a marathon competition. You can, easily, notice the difference from walking to running at different levels. The flex in the blades gives the advantage of forward motion.

A light running shoe that delivers high speed, more than enough support and adequate cushioning is made possible by special Superfoam. This allows return to its natural form, even after high mileage running. Its highly breathable upper keeps the foot cool and dry. It, likewise, lets you run on wet surfaces with its water resistant feature. The shoe?s flexible grid supplies cushioning and a high return of energy while a medial post lessens the probable collapse of foot that has been through exhausting races or training.

With the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review, this running shoe is sure to catch the attention of running enthusiasts and critics, as well. Now, there?s an alternative to that popular running shoe out there.

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