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Salomon XR Crossmax Guidance Shoe Review

by John

Salomon XR Crossmax Guidance Shoe

Salomon XR Crossmax Guidance Shoe

The start of another decade finds shoe companies introducing a new trend in training shoes. The Salomon XR Crossmax Guidance is said to provide everything a runner needs in training and trail running. It features an excellent grip of varied surfaces. It gives a blend of both stability and motion control while delivering high speed performance. With the brand’s exclusive technologies that are incorporated into the shoe plus the special materials it is made with, it is tagged as the ultimate trail running shoe.


Salomon XR Crossmax is a lightweight, stability training shoe that provides adequate cushioning to those who have average arches. It is best for regular runners that require lightweight footwear, which gives a stable and cushioned ride. It encourages a natural stride by guiding a runner in every step. It is, likewise, known as a support shoe that provides motion control for those who tend to overpronate. This way, it protects the runner from any possible injuries.


This guidance shoe includes lightweight traction in its forefoot and offers durability and support. It makes use of a Quicklace system, made of durable fibers, which give the ease of stepping in and out of the shoe while providing a more comfortable fit. This is, likewise, offered by its Sensifit technology in the upper that wraps the foot and keeps it secure with the personalize fit it gives. This controls pronation by reducing the movement of the foot inside the shoe. It gives both flexibility and stability to the shoe. It has a gusseted tongue that protects the foot from stones and fragments that a runner may come across along the trail. It features Climashield, a waterproof covering that protects the foot when running on wet surfaces. This is lightweight and breathable plus it, easily, dries up.

Its upper comes with air mesh that is stretchable. This enables the foot to feel cool and fresh to reduce fatigue that may be experienced while training. It is welded, so, there are no visible stitches that may cause irritation or blisters to the foot. It has a sockliner that combines Ortholite foam plus an EVA heel cup. This combination keeps the foot away from moisture while the former, with its antibacterial properties reduces odor, altogether. It utilizes the brand’s Sensiflex, a soft inner liner situated in the toe area, that stretches to accommodate the foot as it expands.

It incorporates Contragrip technology in its mix of LT (light traction) and HA(high abrasion) outsoles. Contragrip LT presents excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces while the Contragrip HA supplies durability in the most used areas of the shoe. The compound used in this technology utilizes different levels of density intended to supply the particular needs of the different areas of a shoe. With regards to Salomon XR Crossmax, it presents exceptional traction plus durability in the forefoot. OS tendon located in the outsole allows a smoother transition from heel strike to toe off. It, likewise, offers a high return of energy while it, effectively, controls pronation.


This running shoe is equipped with features that make it ideal for trail running. It comes with a seamless upper that offers maximum ventilation to keep the foot fresh at all times. The brand’s Sensiflex lining, which is stretchable gives room for expansion.

It integrates a perfect blend of outsoles that provide an excellent grip of different grounds while offering durability. This footwear’s lightweight quality allows it to deliver a high speed performance. It provides the right amount of support and a smooth ride. So, whatever weather condition you run in and whether you are on the road or trail, you can, confidently, run at any speed of your choice.

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