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Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Review

by John - Expert Reviewer

Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Running Shoe Review

Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Running Shoe Review

Being a lightweight shoe doesn’t, necessarily, mean that it offers lightweight support and this is only one of the amazing things to find out in this Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Running Shoe review. This features an ultra lightweight running shoe that is, not at all, light when it comes to support. Not only this, it delivers high speed performance and a smooth ride while giving comfort with all the exclusive technologies of the brand that are incorporated into the shoe.

With all the attributes it gives, it makes it suitable for high mileage training. It is ideal for neutral runners and is, also, a great alternative for heavier than usual runners with its durability and support provided by its midsole and outsole.


The AdiStar Ride 3 is an ultra light running shoe with its weight of 318 gms. It is ideal for the neutral runner who needs both cushioning and stability. It is the successor of the AdiStar Ride2, which enhances the cushioning of the original with the addition of light bouncy foam in its midsole. It retains its stability, allowing it to be firm and protective. It has a highly breathable upper that wraps around the foot to keep it secure while providing a snug fit.

It is compatible with miCoach, allowing it to work in synergy with your own training plan. It supplies coaching at an actual time that gives information regarding your heart rate, time, distance, pace and calories that are burned during running. It can be used with an MP3 player to make training more enjoyable and in turn, more effective. This way, running while listening to your favorite music, enhances your performance in exercise.


The AdiStar Ride 3 comes with the Climacool open and seamless mesh upper that gives absolute ventilation to the foot by keeping it cool and dry. It makes use of synthetic leather overlays that present durability and complete support.

Its perforated tongue is made with high density EVA memory foam that is well padded to provide comfort and avoid pressure as you step into the shoe. It, further, enhances ventilation. It has a Geofit inner construction that conforms to the foot of a runner to give comfort and a personalized fit.

It utilizes an Ortholite sockliner in its insole that allows the wearer to manage moisture, effectively. With its antimicrobial qualities, it keeps the feet dry as it reduces odor. It, also, adds cushioning. It makes use of the AdiLite 45 Last, a full length strobel last that is built from the brand’s softest foam to supply extra comfort to the shoe.


The shoe’s midsole is made with the standard Compression Moulded EVA foam that intends to provide longer-lasting cushioning that gives additional comfort and support. It includes the 3D ForMotion System that gives a smooth transition to allow it to experience a softer and a more natural landing with every step. This assists in stabilizing the foot and letting it adapt, more easily, to the ground that it runs on.

It utilizes a visco-elastic FitForm in its midsole that adapts to the shape of the foot to give a customized fit. It has an integrated Torsion System that supports the midfoot while allowing the foot to; further, adapt to surfaces in a natural way. This system enhances motion control of rearfoot by not compelling it to execute extreme movements, which can pose a risk to injuries.


It includes a high-density carbon rubber outsole known as AdiWear in its heel and forefoot for utmost durability in high wear areas. It enhances traction, which makes the shoe suitable for use in rough surfaces. It resists abrasion, which lengthens the life of the shoe. It, also, makes use of Blown Rubber which offers more cushioning while reducing weight. It is, mainly, utilized in the forefoot to deliver traction. It is, likewise, located in less wear and tear areas of the outsole.


AdiStar Ride 3 includes cushioning materials that are exclusive to Adidas. adiPrene, a resilient EVA bases foam, provides excellent cushioning and protection as it, efficiently, absorb impact in the heel while adiPrene+, an elastic material underneath the forefoot, provides forward motion and resiliency during toe-off to deliver a better performance. The 3D ForMotion Technology incorporated in its heel offers cushioning and gives stability to the foot and lets it adapt to the ground you run on.


1. It is lightweight.

2. It is breathable.

3. It offers exceptional comfort.

4. It supplies remarkable traction in different weather conditions and surfaces.

5. It provides optimal cushioning.


1. The underfoot is, somewhat, dense.


This shoe offers the cushioning and stability that is required by neutral runners and a lot more. Its breathable mesh upper with additional overlays gives sufficient ventilation that keeps the foot dry at all times. In the same way, a Comfort Sockliner keeps away the moisture that could, further, keep the foot cool and fresh.

It has all the cushioning it needs with technologies integrated into the shoe such as adiPRENE in the heel and adiPRENE+ beneath the forefoot. It makes use of 2 types of outsole: adiWear in the heel and forefoot for additional durability in high wear areas while Blown Rubber in the forefoot for extra grip in different weather conditions and, also, in other areas of less wear and tear.

Longer lasting cushioning in the midsole offers optimal comfort while 3D Motion System allows a smooth transition to give a softer landing in every stride. In addition to this, the midfoot is well-supported by means of the Torsion System that lets the foot adapt to the different types of surfaces it runs on, controlling the motion of the rearfoot in a natural manner by not obliging it to perform extreme movements.

As a whole, the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Running Shoe review reveals this much awaited well-cushioned shoe with ample support that gives a smooth and safe ride.

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