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Arch Support Running Shoes

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Arch Support Running Shoes

Arch Support Running Shoes

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit, however, it can take its toll, even, on a seasoned runner’s feet and joints, and so, it is advisable for him to use Arch Support Running Shoes. If one is serious in having a regular running program or participating in a marathon, he has to consider this type of footwear. This prevents plantar fascia, an inflammation in the foot tissue. This causes pain and swelling in the heel. Running, non stop, for hours can further aggravate this condition, possibly, involving other connective tissues.

Arch Support Running Shoes provides full flexibility while maintaining a runner’s natural stride. This type of footwear helps control overpronation, which has the tendency to worsen when running. This is, also, suitable for those with high and low arches. It aligns the lower body with the muscles of the foot. It helps the avid runner avoid the risks of acquiring injuries.

Each brand of running shoe has its own model that specializes in offering arch support and it just varies in the level of support it provides plus the different other technologies it includes.

1. Asics GT 2130

Asics GT 2130 is comfortable yet durable running shoe. It integrates the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S. ®)that gives a smooth heel-to-toe transition while maintaining the foot’s natural gait. It makes use of the Solyte® Midsole Material that is lighter than EVA and SpEVA® which is standard in most Asics running shoes.

This shoe includes the advanced Space Trusstic System® that creates a pocket between the midsole and the system’s device to give an enhanced deformation of the midsole and efficient foot function. It, also, incorporates the DuoMax® Support System that guarantees the foot’s proper support during the transition from heel strike to toe off.

2. New Balance 1123

New Balance 1123 is a high mileage running shoe that gives cushioning, stability and utmost motion control. It has a light and breathable Synthetic mesh upper with suede overlays that provide enhanced comfort and support. It comes with the NLOCK lacing and webbing system that presents comfortable fit and support.

It includes ABZORB® SBS, a non-cellular elastomer, in its forefoot and heel, which provides exceptional shock absorption. Its full-length and highest grade midsole unit known as the ABZORB FL, gives durability with its combination of DuPont Engage and isoprene rubber. It has the Ndurance carbon rubber in the heel and the outsole’s lateral side while Blown Rubber Outsole in the forefoot gives a lightweight comfortable stride.

Stability in the forefoot is given by the Graphite ROLLBAR®. It comes with N-LOCK™ Support that presents enhanced support in the midfoot. This shoe comes with the 3D Reflexibility that gives visibility while running during low light hours.

3. Reebok ZigTech

Reebok ZigTech is the brand’s most technically advanced running shoe. It comes with a lightweight and flexible bottom which has a unique zigzag design. It is made with innovative, lightweight foam. This provides optimal shock absorption during impact of heel strike and propels you forward while minimizing wear and tear by 20% in the muscles of the legs.

This shoe boosts the runner’s performance with the transferring of energy throughout the sole. It comes with forefoot flex grooves that give more flexibility. DMX Shear cushioning panels provide more comfort and lessen heel stress. It comes with a removable Ortholite foam sockliner that keeps the feet dry and free from moisture. It accommodates orthotics.

Summary of this Arch Support Running Shoes

Asics GT 2130, New Balance 1123 and Reebok ZigTech are the choices of Arch Support Running Shoes. They provide the proper arch support with the different technologies they incorporate and materials they are made with. They offer footwear that is not only designed to protect the feet but also to work with your body. In addition to this, these shoes, also, allow you to maintain your natural gait while running.

These brands of Arch Support Running Shoes provide all the necessary beneficial features that make running, a more efficient yet comfortable exercise.

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