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Brooks Revenna 2 Review

by John

Brooks Revenna 2 Review

Brooks Revenna 2 Review

Runners in search for a lightweight running shoe with just the right amount of support can count on the Brooks Revenna to feature what they need. This running shoe has just recently won the Editor’s choice award given by Runner’s World, a leading authority in running. This can be attributed to this footwear’s several qualities that include sufficient cushioning for heel and midfoot strikers, an upper that locks down the foot and low-to-the-ground profile, from the bottom of the heel to the top of the pavement.

With Brooks’ updated version of the guidance shoe, the company aims to enhance cushioning in both the heel and forefoot. It wants to improve the fit on the shoe’s upper. To achieve these, it includes innovations like a Crash Pad insert that consists of 2 layers of foam that work together for better shock absorption. It, likewise, adds a Caterpillar Crash Pad that allows the rubber underneath to transfer motion from the heel to the midfoot and gives a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

It adds Brooks patent-pending DNA Cushioning Technology, which is located in both the heel and forefoot. This offers full adaptability that gives the right amount of cushioning and responsiveness that is required by a runner.

Brooks takes the shoe’s upper to the next level with an adjustability system that makes use of stretchable materials that adjust to the arch height of an individual for a more personalized fit. It connects laces directly to the midfoot. This secures your foot on the midsole, providing more protection while running. Moreover, extra overlays are distributed in all the right places.

All the aforementioned elements enable the Ravanna 2 to give a fast feel while giving corrective support. This makes it ideal for racing and marathon training.


It has an Air Mesh upper that gives proper ventilation to prevent heat build up in the shoe. It has a secure wrap around the midfoot. Element Lining, further, provides breathability and comfort that lasts. Its microfiber construction protects the foot from harmful elements that a runner meets along the way. It has additional overlays that are located in all the right places. A profile sockliner made with BioMogo is placed underfoot to supply cushioning and a contoured support. It is made with Cushsole S257™ Last that makes use of a whole layer of advanced foam to make the shoe more cushioned and flexible.

The RAVENNA 2 has a BioMogo Midsole, which is the first biodegradable foam used for the midsole. This just means that these shoes will biodegrade as soon as it reaches an enclosed landfill. In a matter of 20 years, it will be transformed into useful nutrients by microorganisms that are present in the soil. This is 50 times more rapid degradation as compared to other midsoles. The advanced midsole material in this shoe enhances performance by giving 22 percent more return of energy plus 40% more cushioning.

It has DNA Cushioning Technology in both the rearfoot and the forefoot. This is a cushioning device that gives a high return of energy. Rearfoot DNA disperses impact energy as it conforms to a runner’s individual’s weight, pace and running environment. The Forefoot DNA is designed to provide flexibility to the shoe. With this system, you can expect firm support just when you need it and soft comfort whenever you want it. This system works with BioMogo to respond to every stride.

It has Diagonal Rollbar (DRB), high density foam that is located in the middle part of the midsole. This is designed to reduce pronation. In the midfoot, a Diagonal Rollbar Accel in the midsole gives torsional support in the midfoot and encourages the natural movement of the foot. This shoe makes use of Blown Rubber in the forefoot that allows the shoe to be more flexible and responsive while a High Performance Rubber (HPR) that is located in the heel protects the foot from abrasion.

It includes a Crash Pad that enhances shock absorption while a Caterpillar Crash Pad gives a cushioned ride and a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. This shoe comes with the Stable Pod Configuration, which is a midsole/outsole design pattern that is meant to give a balanced position from heel strike to toe-off. It aims to make the shoe more stable and responsive. It has an adjustable 3D arch saddle that provides an ideal instep by adjusting to a runner’s foot.


1. It offers a customized fit.
2. It has a soft platform.
3. It gives a fast feel.
4. It is comfortable
5. It is environment friendly.
6. It presents lightweight support.
7. It is responsive.
8. It is very stable.


1. It has a stiff forefoot.


BROOKS RAVENNA 2 has every reason to be awarded as Editor’s Choice by Runner’s World ,as compared to 19 other performance shoes. This recognition is considered as another milestone for the company as it makes every effort to provide the perfect ride.

Key features of this updated guidance shoe includes proprietary DNA cushioning technology that adapts to each and every stride to provide utmost cushioning and return of energy. A 3D adjustable arch saddle adjusts to a runner’s foot for a well suited instep. A Caterpillar Crash Pad promotes an effective heel strike as it gives a smooth heel-to-toe transition while a Crash Pad gives better shock absorption.

This shoe offers sufficient cushioning to those who strike with their heel and midfoot plus a low-to-the ground profile. Another notable feature of this shoe is the way its flexibility is scaled with regards to gender and size. Those with smaller sizes have a less stiff forefoot than the bigger sizes. In addition to this, the RAVENNA 2 presents a fast feel while providing corrective support.

It adjusts to every runner’s needs, providing softer cushioning when running at slower phases and more responsiveness when running faster. You can, always, find a perfect balance with this shoe. It gives the comfortable ride, which is sought after by every runner. There is everything to like about this award winning shoe and all are presented in this Brooks Ravenna 2 review.

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