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Saucony Progrid Mirage 2 Review

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Saucony Progrid Mirage 2 Review

Saucony Progrid Mirage 2 Review

Saucony has proven successful in their creation of minimalist shoes with the Progrid Kinvara, and now with the Saucony Progrid Mirage 2. With the emergence of minimalist running shoes in the market, shoe companies are coming up with their own edition. Saucony as one of the premier brands of running shoes created one that hit it right in the market. Since Progrid Kinvara is a huge accomplishment; the company thought that a sequel was in order.

The more popular shoe companies have their own version of minimalist shoes and runners all over the world are test running them to see how they enhance ones performance. There are only good words for Progrid Kinvara, which is lightweight, eye-catching with its graphics, responsive and has a minimal drop.

While Progrid Kinvara is a minimalist shoe that is loaded with features, it is created for those who are more experienced when it comes to natural style of running and have either a forefoot or midfoot strike. This does not have the inner support that some runners require. In this respect, Saucony has come up with the Progrid Mirage 2, which is a more supportive version of the Progrid Kinvara. This intends to; likewise, accommodate runners who, slightly, overpronate that are looking for the minimalist shoe for them.


Saucony Progrid Mirage 2 is lightweight, minimalist running footwear that is ideal for slight to moderate overpronators with their light stability and sufficient cushioning. It is best for tempo runs, long races and daily training.

It is the successor of the Kinvara that carries its features that save on weight and increase responsivess. It differs in the durability and the added support that gives an advantage to slight overpronators.

With a low profile midsole, the foot has a closer feel of the ground. This encourages a natural stride, plus, it allows a runner to use a lightweight, flexible shoe while enjoying the cushioning and support of a typical, running gear.

Though additional features may add some weight to the shoe, it is, relatively, light compared to other running shoes for overpronators, considering the valuable support it gives, which is very much needed by this type of runners.


It has a breathable mesh upper that provides a cool and fresh environment for the feet. It, also, includes synthetic overlays in the medial area of the shoe that give lightweight support. It makes use of a Hydrator Collar Lining that keeps away moisture from the foot and enhances comfort in the instep. Its insole uses EVA foam that contains antimicrobial properties, which reduce odor and prevent blisters.

This shoe utilizes heel pods that are padded with memory foam, which offers a snug fit and adds comfort. On the other hand, a strobel board adds support and gives a well cushioned ride.


It features highly abrasive EVA foam in its midsole that gives a lightweight but durable cushioning. This resists wear and tear. Progrid Lite, which is more responsive than EVA, is situated in the heel. This reduces shock during impact and prepares the foot for a smooth heel-to-toe transition. In addition to this, it reduces weight and offers excellent cushioning.

It has a detachable, perforated sockliner that is padded with EVA foam. This supplies cushioning and comfort. The arch area of the midsole includes the Supportive Arc plastic insert that controls pronation, gently, and enhances stability of the shoe. This guides an overpronator to a neutral postion to prepare him for a smoother toe-off.


It makes use of a combination of rubber materials in its outsole. A carbon rubber material, known as XT-900, provides excellent off-road traction without compromising durability. The triangular lug design gives a good grip on surfaces and gives the shoe a longer wear. It, also, utilizes blown rubber, which gives it flexibility for a more comfortable ride in longer miles.


1. It comes in an attractive package with a choice of 3 color combinations.

2. It offers support that is needed by runners who slightly overpronate.

3. Its triangular lug design makes it efficient, off-road, with the traction it provides.

4. It gives a cool environment to the shoe with its maximum ventilation.

5. It has a collar lining that offers a healthy environment with its moisture management feature and an insole, which has antimicrobial properties that minimize odor and prevent blisters.

6. It has enhanced durability with its outsole that has a blend of different rubber materials.

7. It has a thinner midsole that lets the foot connect to the ground, encouraging a more natural stride and a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off.

8. It, efficiently, absorbs shock during impact.

9. It presents generous cushioning and comfort.


1. It is slightly heavier than its forerunner, the Progrid Kinvara.


Saucony Progrid Mirage 2, once more, wins the hearts of many runners, neutral and slight overpronators, as well. It is very much like the Progrid Kinvara, which evolves to a more versatile shoe that offers a little touch of support to make it, likewise, suitable for runners who tend to overpronate. A thinner midsole makes the shoe adapt, easily, to the ground to promote a natural stride and to give a smoother ride.

At present, the number of neutral runners is fast growing. Still, a greater number opt for support in their running shoes. The Progrid Mirage 2 assists in controlling pronation with its reduced weight, responsiveness and support. All these come in a striking, running gear, which by the way, are available in 3 eye catching color combinations.

Saucony does it again, coming up with a new product that caters to a new generation of runners but just the same, catches the interest of its avid followers. The company sees to it that the top qualities of a best selling shoe are utilized and enhanced to come up with another hit. This has been proven in this Saucony Progrid Mirage 2 review.

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