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Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Review

by John - Expert Reviewer

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Review

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Review

Vibram Five Fingers pioneered the barefoot minimalist running trend and the company continues to enhance its products, one of which is presented in this Vibram FiveFingers Bikila review. This is a new minimalist shoe that it sure to take the running world by storm. Though the classic model has been around for some time now, the Bikila is the first one to give the utmost natural experience in running.

This new shoe is named after Abebe Bikila, an African athlete who won the 1960 Olympic marathon with a new world record, by running barefoot. At that time, this was considered as something far-fetched. Way back then when shoes were unheard of, it was just natural to walk and run barefoot. This event has just confirmed the capability of a runner to accomplish a goal under this situation. This just shows that running without footwear can enhance an athlete’s performance and, furthermore, allow him to excel.

It is only in the recent years that people got to realize the benefits of barefoot running. Shortly after Vibram came up with the Five Fingers, other shoe companies followed suit and created their own version of barefoot or minimalist running gear. Before the creation of Bikila, the company had the KSO to boast of. Since the time it was introduced into the market, it was considered as the most popular model with its versatility. This is, since, it can be used for running and other fitness activities such as walking, trekking, yoga, Pilates and water sports.

Vibram Bikila is, specifically, designed for running. In addition to this, it is meant to improve on the running form. So runners, finally, have a shoe that they can call their own. It is not for walking around, doing some aerobics stuff or just any activity. It is, strictly, created for a purpose and it has been made lightweight to offer minimalist running at its best. Now, it is up to a runner to find out whether this new release would live up to his expectation of truly minimalist footwear.


Bikila belongs to the Vibram line of minimalist shoes that is designed to run on roads and concrete surfaces such as cement and asphalt, among others. Its new sole offers enhanced traction and added support to provide comfort while running. It has a snug fit that comes as an advantage since there is no extra room for your foot to slip inside the shoe. As you run, you could notice that there is no friction between the shoe and foot. So, it prevents blisters that may be acquired from other running gear.

This shoe conforms to the size and shape of your foot, giving it a personalized fit. Even as your foot sweats, its upper material softens to provide comfort. It lets your toes fill in the pockets, perfectly, and lets you come in full contact with the rubber but ensures no bending, whatsoever. The shoe includes a prominent toe spring that, noticeably, allows toes to be upturned. This is common to running shoes. This allows a sockless wear since it is extremely soft and comfortable.

As compared to other models, it incorporates extra cushioning that allows it to be firm for more support. It promotes the natural style of running, letting you land on the forward part of your foot, which is the safest way, to prevent injuries.


Vibram FiveFingers Bikila is a minimalist running shoe designed to promote a forefoot strike that is more natural, healthier and more efficient. It incorporates the brand’s technology in its rubber outsole and is made with high quality materials to provide footwear that would deliver performance and at the same time, let you enjoy the outdoors. It makes use of a polyamide stretchable fabric that resists abrasion and gives a low cut fit. Ventilated mesh panels, on the other hand, allow the foot to breathe, adequately, preventing it from contacting fungal infection such as athlete’s foot. These, likewise, keep the foot protected from fragments. Its upper includes Stretch Polyamide TPU(thermoplastic urethane) toe bumpers that give protection by resisting tear that may be brought about by sharp objects encountered while running.

This shoe has a 3 mm thick polyurethane sockliner covered with Drilex nylon lining that keeps moisture away from the foot. This supplies comfort and cushioning to the underfoot, particularly, on the ball of the foot. The shoe includes AEGIS Microbe Shield® antibacterial treatment, which reduces odor while keeping the feet cool and fresh. It, also, has a 4 mm anatomical pod outsole, which is made with more plating to provide protection to the underfoot. This gives an even distribution of impact throughout the forefoot to allow a more accurate form of running.

Its individual compartments for toes give them more stability and control to enable natural motion while running. A padded collar and topline boosts the level of comfort. It comes with a handy pull-tab that has an elastic gore for easy entry of shoe while a loop closure with a single hook keeps the foot, securely, in place. For better visibility during low light hours, it utilizes 3M reflective surfaces.


While there is a wide range of minimalist running shoes available in the market, nowadays, nothing comes close to the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila in its totality. It is the ideal running shoe that lets you experience the most natural style of running by providing the barefoot feel. It is efficient in its capability to offer ample traction and protection with the integrated Vibram rubber outsole. Though it is not waterproof, it keeps water from entering the shoe.

Running on these without socks comes as a breeze since it fits like a glove, preventing the foot from slipping inside the shoe. It is extremely soft and comfortable.

With all the features it includes and all the benefits it provides packed in a unique and attractive design, it is a great addition even if you already own any of the brand’s earlier models. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila review convinces you of the shoe’s worth.

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