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Nike Shox Shoes

Nike Shox Shoes are one of the great shoe series only from Nike.

The shoe series was developed for the longest period of time and with the most rigorous amount of research.

When the series was first introduced with the entrance of the R4 running shoes, it was met with much hype that the shoes were fortunately able to live up to.

And now, the Shox technology is known as one of the greatest breakthroughs in sports technology. It did not only revolutionize the world of running, but the entire sports industry.

It is also highly documented and has even been featured being worn by athletes and even TV celebrities.

Blueprinted using the most up-to-date in global sports technology, the Nike Shox shoes are designed with human biomechanics in mind, taking into consideration the concepts of kinetic and potential energy, making it an excellent shoe that boosts performance, especially speed.

That’s why it’s one of the best known shoes for running around. Up until now, the Shox technology is still exclusively Nike’s, so you can only get the benefits of this exceptional technology if you decide to buy a Nike.

The Precise Science of Nike Shox Shoes

Shox Special Cushioning System

The Shox Shoes from Nike is packed with a lot of features that make it stand clearly out among all the other running shoes out there.

But its flagship feature, upon which the Shox name was built, is the special cushioning system that it has.

Shoes under the series feature an especially designed heel cushioning system with a stretchable and specially designed shape.

Instead of the ordinary heel, the Nike Shox series is equipped with four hollow bubble columns made of rubber, which are actually what are called Shox.

Impact Absorpsion and Functional Stretch

The columns are positioned to form a square matrix for maximum effect. When the columns hit the ground, they are pushed back due to the impact. Then, they spring right back up as the energy rebounds, sending the runner on a stronger thrust forward.

The columns are around 2.5 cm high, providing a functional stretch, but some columns have Shox with varying heights and shapes as well, depending on the purpose of the shoe.

Nike Shox ShoesHigh-Tech Elastic Cushioning

There are also some shoe types, such as those included in the Shox TL series, which have midsoles consisting entirely of Shox. Aside from the extra boost in your speed, the Shox also provides superior shock absorption with high-tech elastic foam that’s very resistant and durable.

At the same time, the Nike Shox shoes are very stable so you can focus on your performance. The Nike shoe science is also continuously improved. Recently, the latest Shox generation of shoes was made even more stable and durable.

Instead of the closed leaf spring found in the earlier Shox models, the newer Nike Shox shoes uses a hinged carbon fiber shell for a stronger Shox shoe.

In terms of the outward design, shoes belonging to the Nike Shox series are also popular due to their enhanced designs. The series is also known for using attractive silver uppers that give off a modernistic image.

Variety of Design

The shoes are said to be designed with the concept of 1995 silver Porsche in mind.

All the shoes in the series all come in a variety of designs and styles that all meet the preferences of various athletes and other Shox fans.

Great Reviews for All Nike Shox Shoes

From the original Nike Shox R4 all the way to the most recent Nike Shox Saya+, the technology behind the series has been successfully embraced.

All the shoes released in the Shox line all get great reviews especially in terms of performance boosting.

Making a choice among all the Shox shoes is barely a choice anymore; once you make a decision to trust the Shox technology, you won’t go wrong.

The only challenge is to find the Shox that’s best for you.

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