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Nike Air Structure Triax
The Special Running Shoe for Your Special Needs

The Nike Air Structure Triax was initially introduced in 1990. It was originally blueprinted as a shoe designed to correct a runner’s faulty footstrike with the least weight possible.

The shoes are also partially evolved from Nike’s Bowerman shoes.

The main objective of designing such a shoe is to help the high-mileage and high-performance runner go farther without causing strain for the feet. The shoes in the series are also especially designed to provide arch support and help for the mild overpronator.

The Secret Recipe of the Nike Air Structure Triax

Do you want to know the secret why this shoe is definitely one great shoe? The reason is that it uses not just one, but two different Nike technologies.

  • Triax Technology
  • Nike Protection
  • Overpronation Structure Control

1. Triax Cushioning Technology

The Air Structure Triax from Nike combines the special Footbridge technology as well as Nike’s proprietary Air cushioning technology.The shoe is known as a great stabilizer, using a rich mix of special features that help add stabile to a runner’s run.It is supported by the iconic AirSole technology which provides double pressure to the shoe.

Nike Air Structure Triax2. Protected From Pressure and Shock

The AirSole unit also extends to the forefoot, which means that your feet will be completely protected from pressure and shock.The footbridge also works with the feet while you run, so your feet won’t take all the beating.

Even as you go farther, your feet won’t notice it, thanks to the support of Nike’s Footbridge technology.

3. Nike Overpronation Correction

Aside from those two great technologies, the shoe is also backed by a special Foot Strike Management program, which targets and assists in the correction of overpronation.

Using these technologies, this shoe goes on to prove that it is worthy of the Swoosh logo on its side.

The Special Materials of the Nike Triax

The Air Triax shoes by Nike also use special materials to make it even better. The series uses a medial support overlay in the upper and a Phylon midsole for supreme cushioning. The midfoot also comes with a saddle made of synthetic leather.

The saddle ensures that the foot fits the shoe like second skin. The shoe also has a very durable, decoupled PU crash pad and a ventilated sandwich mesh upper complete with overlays for added support. The outsole is a tri-zone lateral outsole made of Duralon material that enhances the shoe’s tendency towards great traction and also assists in your feet’s natural transition.

And with a dual-density midsole with the special Rideliner PU footbed that puts on extra cushioning and even more durability.

The shoe’s forefoot is made with EVA Strobel and Duralon materials, while the heel is a BRS 1000.

Best of all, the Nike Air Structure Triax shoes are fixed with the new Fitsole sockliner, which has a tendency to mold against the foot for overall comfort coupled with support.

Great Ratings and Reviews for the Nike Air Structure Triax Running Shoe

The shoe is one of the best rating corrective shoes around. For its performance and corrective action promised, the shoe got top ratings. It also got great reviews in terms of its modern and attractive look.

It also earned even higher ratings with its compatibility with Nike+ technology. With the built-in pocket for your Nike+ sensor, the avid runner can get his iPod to help him improve his run. This is a great purchase incentive for a lot of users. Nike fans and iPod fans can finally come together with this shoe.

Some users, based on the overall offer of the Nike Air Structure Triax, even go so far as to say that the shoe is the most comfortable they’re ever tried. Naturally, the shoe is not for everybody since it has special technologies geared towards footstrike correction.

But for those with special needs that the shoe can offer, they will surely get the ultimate mix of cushioning and support perfect for their feet.

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