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Nike Shox
The Story behind the Hype

The Nike Shox technology is one of the most important breakthrough technology in the world of modern running footwear. A lot of Nike shoes were created based on this technology simply because of its sheer effectiveness and great benefits, which is why several top-rating Nike shoes belong to the Shox line.

The Shox technology was introduced back in 2000, when the technology was first featured in the R4 and the XT4 from Nike, a basketball and a cross training shoe respectively. After many years following its introduction, the Shox technology from Nike has risen to an altogether different pedestal in the running industry. It is widely publicized and promoted, used by celebrities, loved by athletes, and have become an institution among serious runners. And this is to be expected, as the Shox technology is often said to have taken the most amount of time and research from the Nike shoe engineers.

If you would like to know more about the Shox series, then read on for answers to the most common must-know questions about this unique and revolutionary line of athletic shoes.

Your Questions on Nike Shox Answered

We have the answers for the questions on Nike Shox including:

  • What is the Nike Shox?
  • Shox Formations
  • The Full Benefit of Nike Shox
  • Nike + Technology

1. What is the Nike Shox?

But what exactly is this technology all about? The name Shox is used to refer to small rubber columns that are hollow inside. These small columns are what make up the midsole of the Nike Shox shoes instead of a full padded midsole. Unique but extremely effective, the technology bases its benefits on the resilient and rebounding energy of the rubber columns.

Upon the introduction of the shoes that feature this technology, it created much hype among athletes and athletic shoe enthusiasts all across the athletic field. Fortunately, however, the shoes delivered its promise and lived up to what was expected of them.

nike shox2. Shox Formations

The Shox technology does not come in only one form in the various Shox-based shoes. The Shox, the actual rubber columns, can come in various arrangements to provide varying structural benefits for the shoes. The most common formation is a square formation consisting of four of the circular columns. This type of formation is intended to provide maximum cushioning, which is ideal for underpronators.

In some arrangements, more rubber columns are involved, such as five or six Shox, each one around 2.5 cm high. Some of the arrangements also feature Shox of varying heights. Aside from that, you may also come across Shox arrangements that feature triangular or rectangular Shox; shoes with such a setup are meant to provide good stability for the user. There are, however, some shoe series wherein Shox can be found in the entire midsole area.

3. The Full Benefit of Nike Shox

According to the minds behind the Shox technology, the Nike Shox works in two ways. First, it is a good shock absorber. It makes sure that the feet are fully protected from the impact that hits upon heel strike. However, the pioneers of the technology promote yet another benefit, another secret to the success of the Shox technology.

Due to the natural laws of physics, the rubber columns, being hollow, bounce right back when they are pressed down upon impact. As the columns spring back, your next stride, therefore, will be stronger and more forceful. This means you also get a boost in your speed, making the Nike Shox shoes great options for runners.

4. Nike + Technology

If you are a serious runner, you’ll also love the fact that the newer editions in the Nike Shox series are all equipped with Nike+ compatibility. The Nike+ technology allows runners to track their performance using their Nike shoes, the Nike+ device, and their iPod. This is a must-have feature for runners who value performance and would like to track their improvements over time.

Nike Shox Shoe Series: Your Options

All the shoes that feature the Shox technology all receive rave reviews due to their great performance and the fact that they deliver exactly what was promised. However, most of the shoes in the series are all top-rated, so if you’re interested in getting a Shox shoe, you’d have to make a difficult decision.

The various shoe series under the Nike Shox technology include the Shox Turbo, Shox TL, Shox NZ, Shox TW, Shox Arraw+, Shox Pursuit+, Shox Turbo V+5, and Shox Classic. One of the newest is the Shox Saya+ line.

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