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Nike Air Zoom Vomero
Nike Premium Cushioned Running Shoe Series

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero is Nike’s premium cushioning shoe that provides maximum cushioning and comfort.

The top shoe in the series is the Vomero+3, which promises the most comfortable ride you’d ever experience. With every shoe released in this series, a lot of modifications are done to ensure that every new product has even more benefits for the runner who requires optimum cushioning.

Due to the durable and most effective cushioned protection provided by the shoes in the series, they are considered ideal for high-mileage runners who run miles and miles.

The shoe is extra protective and extra durable to take you to the farthest you can go without getting beat up.

This is definitely a great buy for runners with medium to high arches.

Features of the Nike Air Zoom Vomero Running Shoes

So what are the main features of the Vomero ?

  • Zoom Vomero Cushion Midsole
  • Special Nike Airsole Technology
  • Air Sole
  • Female / Male Featues

1. New Shoe Shape - Cushion Midsole

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero provides the comfort and protection that it is famous for with the use of a new shoe shape that is more suitable for a wider range of feet styles.

It also uses the updated Cushlon midsole. The Cushlon midsole is already full-length in the Vomero+2. From the first step that you take with the shoe, you will already notice the difference.

2. Special AirSole Technology

The newer editions also received a significant upgrade in the midfoot area. The shoe used the special Fitsole sockliner, which supports the underfoot more effectively.

The sockliner also tends to mold against the foot to give a customized fit. As for the forefoot, a thicker and more durable forefoot was added.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero3. Nike Air Technology

The shoe is also part of Nike’s Air series. This means that it also uses Nike’s special AirSole technology in the heel and forefoot sections. The special air cushioning provides a lightweight, durable, and very effective and responsive cushioning that provides stronger impact from the moment of heel strike to toe off.

Aside from the special Air technology, the shoe is also supported by special Natural Motion Engineering flex grooves, another secret of the Air Zoom Vomero series from Nike.

4. Male / Female Features

The flex grooves play a key role in making the shoe more flexible than ever. The shoe then allows for a more natural movement.

The flex grooves also improve the shoe’s surface grip to give you the stability that you need. Aside from these general features, there are also some gender-specific features added to the Nike Air Zoom Vomero’s men’s shoes and women’s shoes. The women’s shoes are fitted with the Dynamic Fit technology with an expandable mesh that allows the shoe to fit the female foot. It also has a female-oriented crash pad that controls pronation and absorbs shock as well.

Other features include a mesh upper, an external heel counter, and an asymmetrical arch bridge.

More Reasons to Buy the Zoom Vomero

The Nike Vomero 2+ and 3+ was made compatible with Nike+, the technology that links Nike with the Nike+ sensor and your iPod nano.This adds a significant appeal to the shoe that makes it a great option for a lot more runners.The sensor is an optional buy, but the shoe has a built-in pocket under the sockliner for it.

If you install the sensor and hook it up to your iPod, it will send feedback on your run straight to your iPod, so you can receive real-time insights that can help you adjust your pace if necessary.

This can really help improve your run. On top of that, the shoe is also known as a performance enhancer.

It is structured in such a way that the shoe is placed closer to the ground while still receiving maximum protection. The setup makes for a better running feeling, which places you completely in control of your strides.

The Nike Zoom Vomero According to Running Shoes Reviews

According to Consumer Reports and running shoes reviews, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2+ is a top-rating shoe, garnering mostly Very Good ratings in most of the criteria they based their evaluations on.

According to consumers, the shoe gets an average of four out of a perfect five. Runners who underpronate or have bad knees also find great cushioning from the shoe.

This is indeed a smart choice for a specific range of runners, and once you decide that the Vomero is a perfect fit for you, you’ll find it hard to leave this series.

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