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The Nike Skylon is no doubt one versatile shoe. Anybody who experience running on these shoes would be able to tell why. You can bring this shoe to your training or to your major race, and you can expect nothing from it but great performance and a comfortable fit.

Designed after the Nike Air Zoom Hayward with a few modifications, the shoe started a whole new revolution in running when it was released, and soon, newer versions of the shoe came out to form one excellent shoe series.

The shoe series’ top benefits are performance enhancement as well as added cushioning for those who need it.

Whichever way you look at it, the shoes in the Skylon series are indeed athlete’s shoes, just the way Nike designed them.

Running Shoe Review : Nike Skylon Powered by AirSole Technology

Pay attention to the following of the Skylon :

  • Air Zoom Series
  • Skylon Cushioning
  • Special Nike Heel Features
  • Midsole Natural Support

1. Air Zoom Series

The Nike Skylon belongs to the Air Zoom series, which means that it is one of the best cushioning shoes Nike has produced. The Air cushioning technology is proprietary to Nike and all the shoes produced with this technology can be trusted to provide maximum cushioning.

Nike SkylonInstead of using the usual cushioning materials, the Nike Air Zoom Skylon uses air as a cushioning agent.

2. Durability and Cushioning Skylon Rebound

This is ideal for greater durability and a stronger rebound force when you take a step.The air cushioning appears in the shoe’s heel as well as midfoot area for amazing comfort and total protection. As for the midsole, it is fitted with Dura DS for added responsiveness without the additional weight.

Nike Skylon: Formula for Success

Compared to the Hayward, the Skylon is narrower and more improved.

It also uses updated materials for improved shoe performance. The 3D sandwich mesh upper is very lightweight and breathable, but still fits snugly to avoid irritation and to give a comfortable feel. It also comes with overlay fingers for extra support.

3. Special Heel Features

The shoe’s heel is also made of Phylite and BRS 1000, which provides strong surface traction and further durability for the already durable shoe. Other than that, the Nike Skylon also has flex grooves in the midsole area.

These grooves are considered great additions to a lot of Nike shoes. They provide a strong grip and help promote the feet’s natural movement without restrictions. The midsole is made of Phylon, which then assists in the smooth transition of a feet’s movement from heel strike to toe off.

4. Skylon Midsole Natural Motion Support

The midsole was individually engineered using concepts derived from the runner’s feet’s natural motion, which gives it a very crucial role in the construction of the shoe. Finally, the shoe is also quite low, cutting off the unnecessary height of most other competitor running shoes. Backed by research, Nike has proven that the closer the foot is to the ground, the better your performance will be.

That’s why they designed the Nike Skylon with less height for a stronger response to the impact of the feet against the ground.

Why Runners Love the Skylon

Users appreciate the shoe for its versatility. With the Nike Skylon, just one shoe can already take you through all your running experiences, so is agreed upon by running shoe reviews.

When you need cushioning, the shoe provides it excellently with the special AirSole technology.When you need speed, the shoe won’t hamper your fast strides by being ultra light and responsive. And for those who need a built-in coach and performance monitor, the shoe can give them that with its Nike+ support. The shoe has a pocket located under the sockliner which can hold the Nike+ sensor that can be bought separately.

With the sensor in place, the shoe sends feedback to your iPod nano to help you keep track of your running specifications.

The shoe is also designed specifically for both men and women, and several gender-specific designs and colorways were released to meet various runner preferences.

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