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Nike Free shoes are one of Nike’s bestsellers. Nike Free are one of Nike’s greatest footgear technologies coupled with a training scheme, making it a great choice for serious athletes. The Nike Free technology lies among the ranks of the Shox technology and the sprint spikes technology.

This concept was born from the insightful minds of Gerard Hartmann and was used to inspire an entire new line of running shoes that practically makes up an entire brand all to itself. The technology behind the Nike Free shoes is based on the concept of barefoot running. The concept simulates running on barefoot, acknowledging that barefoot running is ideal for a strong, more powerful foot strikes.

Barefoot running also helps strengthen the feet as well as prevent injuries.

The shoes in the Nike Free series are designed to provide strength, stability, and cushioning to the feet without hampering the feet’s natural movement.

Nike Free Shoes Review: The 7.0 Edition

There is one key feature for the Nike Free Shoes :

  • Barefoot Nike Free Running Shoes Concept For Stability
  • Different models, namely The Nike Free 7.0, 5.0 and 3.0

The first shoe in the Nike Free shoes series is the 7.0, which is designed for Beginning Foot Strength Training that provides excellent everyday support.

1. Nike Free Barefoot Running Concept For Stability

Nike Free Shoes Among the Nike Free shoes, this shoe is the one that provides the most support, which makes it great for starters of the barefoot running concept. The Nike Free 7.0 is very flexible and has a very strong surface grip for better stability.

The shoe helps the foot retain a stable position, which assists in the natural transition of the feet from the strike of the heel to when the toe sets off. The 7.0 also distributes the impact of landing well so that impact will not hurt the legs and knees a lot. Both men and women can benefit from the offers of this shoe.

Let us look at some of the other editions :

Nike Free Running Shoes: The 5.0 Edition

The Nike Free 5.0, the second shoe in the series, is for Increased Foot Strength Training and provides medium support. It has deeper grooves for greater flexibility both on the forefoot and the rearfoot, thus allowing the feet to move the way it wants to. Despite this, the Nike Free 5.0 provides adequate support to the foot where it’s needed.

The shoe provides additional cushioning for shock absorption. The sturdy but comfortable cushioning also gives a stronger and more solid thrust forward to the foot, which propels the runner on a faster, more powerful stride. Even with the flexibility that the shoe has, it still provides sufficient protection on the sole for when you are running on rough surfaces. The shoe also comes with a comfortable upper with a suede feel. Even this small detail is specifically designed to move as your feet do. Most users remark that the shoe fits like a glove but still does the work that a good running shoe should do.

This is great for runners who want to feel the freedom of running practically on bare feet but still need support and cushioning for their feet. If you find that this is the shoe for you, check out the special training schedule for the shoe that Nike has prepared to help you ease into the shoe.

Nike Free Shoes: The 3.0 Edition

And for Advanced Foot Strength Training, there’s the Nike Free 3.0, which provides minimal support. This shoe is highly responsive. Using it is almost like running barefoot, and it can also promote foot strength. The shoe is more widely known for its track spikes minus the weight.

Very comfortable and very lightweight, the shoe also offers an unexpected cushioning support centered on the compression-molded EVA midsole.The shoe also has two panels of mesh and synthetic leather for a snug fit and a BRS 1000 outsole.

It is available for both men and women runners who want to experience the beauty of a free, natural run on perfectly strong feet.

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